If you’ve got some downtime to catch up on crochet news, you might want to check out these links that I thought were the best of the week.

Something Special

It’s time for the 4th Annual Where Bloggers Create blog party where many bloggers join together to show off photos of their creative spaces. Wonderful eye candy! A post I’ve already seen and love comes from Creative Carmelina – she has such a great sense of style!

Best in Crochet

Beautiful Crocheted Creations

@winkieflash is busy making super cute overlay crochet mandalas. Did you see my roundup awhile back on the best crochet mandalas? This one would give those a run for their money.

Gorgeous crochet blanket by Finnish blogger Tiina (click through to see detailed photos … I just had to share this cute one because I loved the styling of it!) Props to SF Girl by Bay which is where I saw the link to this post this week in a photo roundup of handcrafted homes that is filled with pretty things worth taking a look at as well.

Crochet paintings of Pocky by @TwinkieChan. Little known fact – for a few months in my mid-twenties I worked as the assistant to an artist who sold his work at anime conventions around the country, which is where I was introduced to Pocky. I kind of fell in love with this Japanese cookie candy.

Greedy for Colour is making crochet bonsai trees. Awesome.

Top Crochet Interviews

Crochet HowTos

New Crochet Patterns

Best Crochet Videos of the Week

I usually only find one video to share each week and sometimes not even that but this week was apparently a video week because there was tons I had to share!

Best in Entertainment: Ravelry, an animated Crochet Character story by Evil Crochet Genius; it was posted last year but I saw it because it was highlighted this week on the Crafty Crafty blog

Best Video Interview: @lionbrandyarns interview with Robyn Chachula about her Unexpected Afghans book

Best in HowTos: @crochetgeek explains “what chain to work in and why the first chain will not work.”


And Some Special Thanks



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  1. undergroundcrafter Reply

    Thanks for including me in this week’s roundup, and for introducing me to some great posts! I might have to make some crochet flip flops soon (it’s so hot here!)…

    • CrochetBlogger Reply

      @undergroundcrafter I shouldn’t complain about it but I’ve been freezing like a popsicle here the past few days. San Francisco summers … I haven’t worn flip flops since I left AZ six years ago! But I do think the projects are super cute. :)

  2. momwithahook Reply

    That mandala is really great. I need to try that some day. Thanks for featuring my 7 crochet jobs article. :)

    • CrochetBlogger Reply

      @momwithahook I also want to do something with overlay crochet like in the mandala for sure. Thanks for writing the article – I think that’s info that people want to know!

  3. newstitchaday Reply

    Thanks so much for including us again! I’ve definitely got some reading and watching to do with all these great posts!

  4. newstitchaday Reply

    Thanks so much for including us again! I’ve definitely got some reading and watching to do with all these great posts!

    • CrochetBlogger Reply

      @newstitchaday Thanks for such great content again! You’re definitely in good company here. I’m always so impressed by how much wonderful news, information and projects gets posted each week around the web.

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