One of the great things about crochet is that it’s such a visual craft that it transcends language in many ways. I follow a lot of foreign language crochet blogs in languages including Dutch, Swedish, and Portuguese. But I am especially partial to Spanish language crochet blogs, probably because it’s a language I kind of know and where there are words I’m able to hone my language skills.

Whether or not you know Spanish, you might like these 8 Spanish language crochet blogs that I follow regularly.

spanish blog crochet

Innovart en Crochet is a Spanish language crochet blog out of Uruguay. It has a language translator in the sidebar if you want to check it out in English but this is mostly a photo-rich blog so you don’t need to do a lot of ready. You can just look at the lovely crochet eye candy which includes feminine crochet garments sourced from a variety of places. I will note that the photos sometimes share partial images of crochet stitch diagrams and I’m not sure if they’re properly copyrighted to share but I think this is a fun blog to just look at for inspiration so that doesn’t bother me.

spanish amigurumi blog

Es Un Mundo Amigurumi is a Spanish amigurumi blog with super cute crochet animals to see along with some crochet accessories that the blogger shares as she makes them. There are more than a dozen Spanish crochet patterns on this blog. There is no built-in translator for this blog.

crochet blog espanol

Punto a punto is a personal blog from a crocheter that includes shares of what she’s making along with lots of wonderful updates about her life, her other crafts and what inspires her. Her crochet work is mostly colorful in the vein of Le Monde du Sucrette or Lucy of Attic 24. There’s a translate option in the sidebar. This blogger has a private Twitter account @Puntosapunto and is linarejitos on Ravelry.

spanish crochet blog

Crochet en Accion has short posts on a regular basis. Blogger Damaris shares what she makes (like her recent Babette Blanket). This is a faith-based blog and she shares her “word of the day” quotes as well. I tend to skip these posts and just look at the crochet ones personally. This blog has a Google translator on it but oddly the English option doesn’t seem to be enabled. You can, however, search the site in Google and use the “translate this page” option to see the English version.

spanish crocheting blog

La Ventana Azul is a blog by Barcelona crocheter Susana. It offers a Google Translate option in the sidebar. Susana uses short posts with photos to show off what she’s crocheting. Like Crochet en Accion, she’s recently been working on a Babette Blanket but she’s also partial to crochet flowers.

spanish crocheter blog

Los Dias de Aliciamari is also part of the Spanish language crochet group that is working on a Babette blanket. She shares photos with short descriptions that let us see her crochet work, which includes other blankets and some lovely detailed wearables. This Spanish crochet blog doesn’t have a built-in translator.

che crochet spanish blog

El Blog de Che Crochet is one that I’ve mentioned before because I love the terrific colorful work that Valeria, from Argentina, is doing. Valeria was a winner awhile back of my giveaway of Stacey Trock’s Crocheted Softies and she’s done some great work using the patterns in that book. Most posts here are photo-rich but for the occasional text-heavy informative post you can use the translate option in the sidebar. She is Che Crochet on Facebook, @CheCrochet on Twitter, mtevale on Pinterest and Mastevale on Ravelry.

argentina spanish crochet blog

Entretejiendo Caminos is another Spanish blog out of Buenos Aires (like El Blog de Che Crochet). There is no built in language translator on this blog. Like many of the others, it really doesn’t matter because there are only a little bit of words and tons of great photos. This blogger does some really creative photos of her work that make it especially a joy to look at. There are great items that she’s made for children and for the home.

By the way, did you know that you can read my blog in Spanish just by choosing that last red and yellow flag from the language translator at the top of the sidebar? You can also get there by using the Spanish URL: Sometimes the translator makes funny changes (like recently changing the name of Bec and Bridge to Bec y el puente) but it’s mostly good at translation.

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