Since I was on vacation last week I’ve got two weeks to catch up on in my review of what was covered on this blog one year ago. I always love checking in to see how the news from then has changed! Let’s do it!

Crochet Art

Work by Sara Christensen Blair

I profiled crochet artist Sara Christensen Blair who researches traditional crafts, gender issues and the contemporary art world. This artist is now on Pinterest (sara_c_blair) so you can see some of her sources of inspiration. Recently she’s been busy working on her dissertation, which was just published, which explores the concept of the “domestic sublime” which is all about the beauty and meaning of domestic arts like crochet.

Sheila Pepe crocheting

I also profiled interactive crochet artist Sheila Pepe, an older woman who does installation pieces where she crochets in public and encourages others to join her. Pepe has an exhibit opening at the end of this month at Participant Inc in New York.

In other crochet art news, there was this great crochet daffodil act of yarnbombing:

And I was excited to support crowdsourced funding for a new yarnbombing documentary but unfortunately the makers didn’t meet their funding goals.

There was a NY show at this time last year from crochet portrait artist Jo Hamilton.

And I did posts on two musicians who crochet: Aby Fry and Anna Voog. Voog makes these amazing crochet art hats, one of which I included in my recent roundup of 100 Unique Crochet Hats.

Crochet Books

I reviewed:

Suzann Thompson’s Crochet Bouquet


Renate Kirkpatrick’s Crochet Techniques

And I compiled a list of 25 crochet books worth checking out.

Crochet News

One of my favorite news bits from this time last year was an article about the therapeutic benefits of crochet for kids. I’ve since done additional research into this for the book I’m working on about the health benefits of crochet but it was back then the ideas started sparking for me.

In charity crochet news, a crochet club crocheted hats for people who had shaved their heads to raise awareness of pediatric cancer. And a 100 year old woman was honored for her crochet donations to charity.

We learned about two pharmacy techs who teach crochet classes. And we learned about Beverly Lewis, a blind woman who crochets presents for her 15 siblings. We also learned about Myrtle Geisbrecht who had to switch to left handed crochet after a stroke. And we learned that Mayor Miron Carney not only crochets but also taught the craft to his wife.

Crochet Fashion

Line Knitwear put great crochet on the runway

Solissa was also making great creative crochet

Cristy Rice was spotted in a crochet swimsuit

We looked at Anna Wintour in crochet

We looked at Coachella crochet including Vanessa Hudgens in her crochet top. This year I put together an Etsy Treasury of fashion ideas for crochet at Coachella.

TOMS crochet shoes hit the stores with green being the popular color. This summer the hot color is silver.

Crochet Yarn

I wrote about 25 yarns I wanted to try. I haven’t tried them all yet but I’ve tried some of them including Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sport Yarn and Malabrigo sock yarn.

Crochet on Etsy

The Etsy crochet features that I chose one year ago:

  1. Modular Crochet Dress from pattisparadise
  2. Baby Crochet UGGs by lindseynatter
  3. Crochet Mary Janes by divaintraining
  4. Crochet Baby Booties by Crochet4Babies
  5. Crochet Converse by suncreationsemporium
  6. Crochet Boy Shorts by yoursandi
  7. Crochet Lingerie by elorascastle
  8. Floral Crochet Panties by HappyFrogFromAlaska
  9. Crochet Bikini Top by Pyogazel

Crochet Quotes:

The crochet quotes that were featured on this site during this same time last year were:

“War is not crochet.” – Chairman Mao

“Crochet means the thrill of learning a new stitch or technique and being able to pass it along to others.” – Grace Gardiner

“I know it may sound impressive when I say I’ve crocheted for a good 30+ years; however, part of becoming better is knowing there is always room for growth. I know that while I am good at what I know, there are so many more stitches and techniques that I can learn.” – Crochet with Cris

“Her curves, her swirls, her sweet soft merino goodness… he couldn’t keep his eyes off her.” –Novena Designs

“Take the whole day to visit a high-end yarn boutique or cafe and ride high on the joyful experience of hand-spun mohair and baby-soft alpaca. Even better, when the shopping is done, and you’re sitting in your favorite chair in the warm glowing light of a crackling fire (or while you’re riding on a crowded subway like I often do), you’ll be able to relive the joy of that day as you work it into each stitch of your crocheted piece.” –Francine Toukou

“Learning to overcome frustration can be a major step in this task, but once a person learns the basics, crochet becomes a relaxing activity, with so many variations that there is always something new to learn to keep the activity novel.” – Nicole L. Cipriani

“Bon voyage, bon appetit, and allez crochet! Eat your cake and wear it, too!” – Twinkie Chan

“These days, knitting and crocheting clothing, accessories and home decor items is as much a sanity saver or a social outlet as they are a creative effort.” –Kate Walsh

Here’s What I was Up to A Year Ago:

I made myself a crochet birthday dress

And I crocheted a yellow and white cowl, closing it with a shell stitch which is a technique I’ve used many times since

Are you enjoying these “one year ago” posts? Feedback welcome!


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  1. Having started a crochet blog myself just a couple of months ago, may I just say that you are amazing? I love these posts, keep them up!

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      @Rouxlette Thanks! I have a lot of fun researching and sharing crochet on this blog :)

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