I recently learned about Ambika Crochet from an Ecouterre article on the company’s brilliant use of crocheted Angora rabbit fur to make stunning warm cruelty-free winter clothes. When I checked out the site, I found that there are two sides to this smart company; in addition to winter furs they also offer some terrific crochet swimsuits.

Angora Rabbit Crochet

There was a huge trend this winter for faux-fur crochet and knit wearables. You get the luxe look of fur without harm to any animals, at a much lower cost in most cases and with the possibility for a handmade twist. Ambika Friendly Furs has some great luxurious crochet items for winter. The upstate New York company raises the rabbits in an animal-loving way, spins their hair into yarn and then gives it to some local women who crochet the winter wearables. Some of my favorite items:

Transition into Springtime Crochet

The faux fur crochet skirt from Ambika could easily be worn in springtime as well as winter. So can some of their other fur crochet accessories:

Crochet Swimwear

There’s another side to the Ambika Boutique and that’s their crochet swimwear. No fur here; just some great designs!

Have you ever crocheted with angora rabbit fur yarn?


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