Every weekday I pose a “crochet question of the day” on my Twitter and G+ accounts. One of the questions I asked recently was how people organize their crochet hooks. There were so many great creative answers that I had to do a roundup post to share them with everyone! I also did my own research to see how people are organizing their hooks. Here are the top ten ways to organize your crochet hooks:

1. Ice Cream Sundae Glasses

Photo Credit: Le Tresor Cache

Laurinda (@ReCrochetions) gave my favorite answer which is that she has two tall ice cream sundae glasses on her window sill that hold all of her crochet hooks. I think that’s so creative and fun and decorative! @crochetminis added that you can probably find sundae glasses in different colors to make it even more fun.

2. Crystal Lite Drink Mix Tubes

Upcycled Crystal Lite Drink Tubes, printable art tutorial from Skip to My Lou

Decorate old Crystal Lite drink tubes however you want and put your hooks inside. This suggestion came from @crochetminis. Her smart method is to put all of the same size crochet hooks in the same tube. Some people choose to organize like this, putting all of the same hook size in one place, whereas others organize by material (wooden hooks in one place, metal in another for example) or by brand.

3. Spiral Crochet Hook Holder

Seabury Spiral Crochet Hook Organizer

This one wasn’t mentioned by anyone who answered the crochet question of the day but I think it’s one of the smartest and cutest commercial options for a crochet hook holder.

4. RolyKits

This is another commercial option. I had asked the group what they thought of using a tackle box for organizing crochet hooks and @crochetminis mentioned that the RolyKit is a better alternative that serves somewhat like a tackle box but in a more convenient carry-along format and with adjustable size compartments.

5. Handmade Hook Cases

Felted Crochet Hooks Organizer, pattern sold on Etsy by SoubretteArt

For a more DIY option, you can always make your own hook case. I have a crochet hook organizer that was sewn for me by a friend and it has large pockets to fit in extra things like scissors and oversized hooks. @joiedetea, @craftwich and AppleCartUK also mentioned using fabric rolls. But what if you don’t sew? The best option is probably to crochet and then felt a roll for yourself since the felted fabric will help keep the hooks in place. That’s what @ACuriousGirl13 does.

6. Pots and Bowls

Beautiful ceramic display bowl sold on Etsy by sugarSCOUT

@Soxymomma said “My various wooden hooks are in a cream pot with my drop spindle and roving in a big wooden salad bowl.” Doesn’t that sound like a lovely display? There are so many great bowls out there that can be used in a decorative way and that serves as a terrific idea for rounding up your crochet hooks.

7. Vases

Little Lady Vase holding crochet hooks, via Riverside Studios

An option similar to pots but more streamlined and vertical is to use vases. @fiberflux does this and says that she loves the way it makes a “hooky bouquet”. @ReCrochetions also mentioned using a vase alongside her sundae glasses to corral her metal hooks.

8. Pencil Cases

Pencil Case sold on Etsy by hennyseashell

A couple of people mentioned that they use pencil cases. Sabrina Benton has a soft pencil case. She says: “It is the perfect size for my hooks, a small pair of scissors, stitch markers, a tape measure and a six inch ruler. I can just dump it in my tote with my current project when I am out and about.” @crochetminis is in the process of moving and has hooks in a metal case right now. This seems to be a good option for organizing loose random crochet hooks and hooks to take along with you.

9. Crochet Hook Basket

My favorite find for organizing your crochet hooks is Beth’s Yarn Basket which was showcased on About.com Crochet. Judit Sz mentioned that she often has her crochet hooks tucked into the project that she’s working on. This makes sense for people who have lots of WIPs. There are also people who organize project kits for themselves in advance so they’ll put all of the yarn, the pattern and the hooks needed into one bag. I think a basket like this would be a smart way to organize individual projects while also allowing you space to store all of your crochet hooks in one place.

10. As Art on the Wall

Knitting Needle Hoop Holders by Stitch, Please.

Crochet hooks are little works of art themselves. They are colorful. Many have unique shapes. Some people have terrific collections of vintage hooks or hooks with handmade handles. So why not put them on display on your walls and show them off? I especially love the embroidery hoops wall art option shown here (you could easily put hooks in there instead of needles); there’s a fabric tutorial to make this over at Stitch, Please.

The number of crochet hooks you own might affect how you choose to organize them. How do you organize yours?


San Francisco based and crochet-obsessed writer, dreamer and creative spirit!


  1. @CrochetBlogger @ReCrochetions @crochetminis @joiedetea @AppleCartUK @ACuriousGirl13 @soxymomma SWEET! Thx. And some GREAT ideas, hmmm

  2. ReCrochetions Reply

    @LindaMemmel RT:10 Smart Ways to Organize Your Hooks — Laurinda (@ReCrochetions) gave my favorite answer… http://t.co/yLOqUBIC

  3. @CrochetBlogger Thanks!! Oh, but now how will I decide, there are 5 of those options that I love… oh noes, a good problem to have though!

    • CrochetBlogger Reply

      @dgou You just need more crochet hooks then you can use multiple options :)

      • @CrochetBlogger Heh. Down _that_ path lies madness. I’ve backed away from that abyss already, have figured out what I like in a hook. :-)

        • CrochetBlogger Reply

          @dgou I’m the same way but I can see how there’s people who have 100+ hooks :)

  4. @CrochetBlogger @recrochetions @crochetminis @craftwich @applecartuk @acuriousgirl13 @soxymomma wow, such great ideas! Love that basket!

  5. carolmckayau Reply

    mine are in a tin pencil case with the most used 3 lying on the coffee table with my scissors and yarn needle. I really like these innovations, so thanks for sharing :) I think the vase one is my favourite.

  6. carolmckayau Reply

    Also http://www.crochetmemories.com/patterns/crafterscorner.php

    and by the way, isn’t this fabulous!!

    • CrochetBlogger Reply

      @carolmckayau That second link you shared to Babukatorium’s outfit is beautiful. I always love what she does. My profile on her is at https://www.crochetconcupiscence.com/2011/07/colorful-crochet-artist-babukatorium/.

      • carolmckayau Reply

        @CrochetBlogger Wow! Gorgeous, I especially love this one – http://www.flickr.com/photos/babukatorium/5820196433/

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  10. Cynthia Howe Reply

    I use the long mini M&M containers for my steel crochet hooks, they aren’t long enough for the aluminum ones though. I have also used plastic or metal cigar tubes to hold the little steel hooks, some of the smaller sizes of aluminum hooks will fit too, after about size f o g the lids don’t want to close. I use an old plastic eyeglass case to hold some of my hooks and gadgets too. Like my knitting stitch holders and stitch markers, depends on the case they usually will hold a large number of the crochet hooks as well. I am looking at the crystal light containers to hold my larger hooks and my circular knitting needles, I can then mark the canister with the size it contains.

    • CrochetBlogger Reply

      I love the way that you are able to see the shapes of different containers and then utilize them in this upcycled crafty way. Awesome!

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  13. JoyceMarie Reply

    Good morning from No. Cali
    I’ve over 60 crochet hooks and knitting needles. So many various sizes and I want to keep them all together so I tried plastic cases, pencil cases, jars and what nots. I’m out of ideas. Does anyone have suggestions for larger storage?

  14. SamanthaBurnsOrlando Reply

    #3: Seabury http://stores.seaburyorganizers.net/-strse-Spiral-Organizers/Categories.bok is no longer available. The company shutdown about a year ago it looks like. Very sad, I want one of their spirals!

  15. suzbwrites Reply

    A little girl I taught to crochet gave me a lovely eyeglass case (the hard kind) to keep my hooks in when I travel. Pretty and practical!

  16. CrochetBlogger Reply

    SamanthaBurnsOrlando Thanks for the heads up on that. Bummed to hear it but I’m going to search around for alternatives that are similar.

  17. CrochetBlogger Reply

    JoyceMarie What about a big toolbox with a lot of different compartments?

  18. Crochet lover Reply

    I keep my crochet hooks in a pretty tin that was originally filled with chocolates. It is the size of a pencil case, and is really easy to take with me.

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