Whew … February was another busy month here on this crochet blog. Did you see that this blog was chosen as a runner-up for best craft blog in Inside Crochet? And that I launched a new monthly newsletter? Thanks to all my regular readers and commenters who make it such a joy for me to post every day. If you missed any of the posts during the month, you can find them in the recap below:

Most Popular February Blog Posts

My most popular post in February was my overview of crochet in the Dolce and Gabbana designer clothing line. People were especially intrigued by their granny square crochet handbag that looks very DIY but is priced at nearly $3000.

My favorite post was actually one that got a bit over looked: Oscar Nominated Crochet. I picked a few crochet items related to each of the best film nominations for the 2012 Oscars. I thought it was fun.

Crochet Art and Artists

Crochet Books

Yarn Stuff

Friday Open Crochet Discussions

On Fridays I pose a topic and we discuss it in the comments. Here were February’s open crochet discussions (your additional thoughts are still welcome on these posts!):

People Who Crochet

Interesting stories of people who crochet:

Crochet Fashion

In addition to the main Dolce and Gabbana post, I did two other posts about them, first asking what people would charge if they made the expensive crochet bag themselves and sold it and then doing a roundup of other D&G crochet bags.

The other crochet fashion posts from February were:

General Crochet News

Hooked Together

I explored the crochet-loving blogrolls of:

My Crochet

I shared how to upcycle old fishnets into sexy armwarmers with crochet. I also shared:

Crochet on Etsy

I did an interview with Etsy crochet designer MissyBDesigns who was also kind enough to do a giveaway on my blog.

On Mondays I do themed posts using Etsy’s Treasury tool. February”s themes were:

Of the individual Etsy crochet features on the other days of the week, I especially loved:

Daily Crochet Quotes

There were crochet quotes daily on the blog M-F all month long but some of my favorites were:

Other Regular Features

And some special thanks to my February sponsors: Yarns of Italy and Six Skeins for sponsoring my newsletter with a special yarn discount for my readers and Build-a-Sign (which sponsored my bumper magnet giveaway). Want to be a sponsor? Learn more here.

Happy March everyone!


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