I seem to have more unfinished crochet projects right now than I usually do. I tend to be a product crocheter, working on one main project through to completion rather than starting a bunch of different ones but that’s not the case in busy December. So I don’t have a lot to show off this week for Year of Projects but I do have one crochet bag in the works.

Right Now It Looks Like This

The Pattern Is …

It’s the Crocheted Swirling Bag by Kathy Merrick, which I found via Knitting Daily as a free crochet pattern. The pattern is based on a patchwork bag design and has a unique construction approach.

My Variations

I’ve made a few variations to the pattern that you’ll be able to see once the WIP is developed further. The variations are:

  • I’m using two yarn colors instead of four. I’m alternating the blue and white. This decision was based in part on the yarn I had on hand but appeals to me also because I like the idea of just a blue and white design.
  • My crochet bag will be bigger than the pattern calls for. I’m using a larger hook and chose not to make any gauge adaptations because I’m totally happy having a bigger bag. I made this decision mostly because I’ve done a lot of single crochet work with small hooks lately and didn’t feel like doing more of it. The pattern calls for an E and I’m using a G.
  • I’m constructing the bottom of the bag in individual pieces. The pattern has you attaching each new color and working straight through but I wanted to try it this way. It shouldn’t have any effect on the final look.
Hope you’re having a great time with Year of Projects. See the links to what everyone else is making here.

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    • Kathryn Reply

      Thanks @Kate … Hopefully I’ll have it ready for next week’s update.

  1. Nice bag. I admire people that adapt patterns to suit themselves. Good job!

    • Kathryn Reply

      Thanks @Marsha … I love adapting patterns and actually have a lot of trouble sticking to the specific way a pattern is written!

  2. Minding My Own Stitches Reply

    Very interesting construction from what I can see in the photo. Can’t wait to see yours!

    • Kathryn Reply

      Yes @MindingMyOwnStitches … the construction is really interesting. Take a look at Kathy Merrick’s pattern if you get a chance. I haven’t seen anything quite like this construction before. Fun to play with.

  3. Ruthmckeown Reply

    Beautiful bag and can’t wait to see it finished in your colourway.

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