In lieu of the usual Monday morning crochet artist profile I’m just going to share this crazy, fun, quirky stop motion crochet art video:

There’s something I love about this. It’s a little eerie and weird. I mean, it’s a large crochet brain that “evolves and develops free will”. But it’s also colorful and the movement is fun and of course it’s crochet art so that’s the funky side of it. Love it!

The video is by Kate Fenker who goes by Fenkerstein on YouTube. This was her first stop motion animated video and I think she did a nice job. Stop motion is something I want to learn as time goes on and I get better with video work so I’m always eyeing what people are doing with it. The video actually dates back to 2008 but I’d never seen it before now. I got the chance to see it thanks to a post by @nexstitch on Google+. Very cool.

Anyone know of any other must-see crochet stop motion videos? I’d love to know!



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  1. Debra Yorston Reply

    That is kind of cool – I’ll never look at a crocheted bath pouf the same way again. :)

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