I’ve been slacking quite a bit on my Year of Projects as I’ve immersed myself in other crochet projects. However, I want to get back on track. I’d set out to make twenty five different crochet bags and although Year of Projects runs through the middle of next year, I wanted to get mine done by the end of 2011. If I’m going to do that, I’ve gotta get on track.

So, I’m here to review what I’ve done so far and what I’ve got left.

Original List of 25 Crochet Bag Patterns

These are the patterns I planned on making although I left it open as to the fact that I may modify any or all of the designs.

  1. Little Acorn Bag
  2. Reusable Crochet Gift Bag
  3. Christmas Crochet Tote
  4. Big Easy Bag
  5. FutureGirlCraft’s Starling Handbag
  6. ValliesKids Get Your Granny on Bag
  7. Granny’s Valentine Bag
  8. Phazelia’s Laptop Case
  9. Bobble Wrap Laptop Sleeve
  10. Pretty E-Reader Case
  11. CrochetSpot’s Easy Wine Bottle Cover
  12. DIY Network’s Wine Bottle Cozy
  13. Caron’s Simply Soft Crochet Gift Bags
  14. Crocheted Drawstring Bag
  15. Kids’ Rainbow Treasure Bag
  16. Whimsical Castle Bag
  17. Vintage Style Drawstring Bag
  18. Crocheted Swirling Bag
  19. Ruffled Bag
  20. Wine Bottle Gift Bag
  21. Heart Purse
  22. Chevron Bag
  23. Laptop Cardigan Sleeve
  24. Sweet Soap or Sachet Bags
  25. That Pouch Thing

Crochet Bag Patterns Tackled So Far

Here’s what I’ve done so far on the list:

My version of #6, the ValliesKids Get Your Granny On Bag:

Two takes on #11, Crochet Spot’s Easy Wine Bottle Cozy:

My version of #13, 2 of the 3 bags in the set of Caron’s Simply Soft Crochet Gift Bags:

Two takes on #20, the Wine Bottle Gift Bag by Suzie’s Stuff:

My version of #24, the crochet sachet bag:

A Few Extra Crochet Bags

In addition to the patterns on the list, I’ve made a few crochet bags that weren’t based on patterns:

Year of Projects Plan Moving Forward

So it turns out that I’ve only managed to complete five of the twenty five crochet bag designs on my list and we’ve had more than ten weeks to work on our projects so I’m not thrilled with that progress. I have another big project I want to start at the beginning of the new year so I need to get on task. Today I’ll be printing out the patterns for the remaining twenty crochet bag designs and getting stitching. Expect to see a lot more from me soon!


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  1. The bags you have done so far look great. I really like the mesh pattern on the one not on your list :P Can’t wait to see more from you! You took on a big task

    • Kathryn Reply

      Thanks @Cris. I’m happy with what I’ve made so far but wish I’d realized I was further behind on the task than I’d planned to be by now. That’s okay, though. I’ve got tons of other cool projects happening too. :)

  2. Underground Crafter Reply

    Don’t get bummed out – you’ve finished one every other week! And you’ve done quite a lot of other crocheting during this time, too.

    • Kathryn Reply

      @Marie – I actually haven’t finished one every other week but that’s okay. :) Thanks for the encouragement!!

  3. It is so hard to stay focussed on a list, I find. Could you add in the off-list ones? Your work is so pretty.

    • Kathryn Reply

      Thanks @goodpurl. I enjoy making the off-list ones for sure but still want to try to get all 25 patterns complete. I do have trouble working off of a list but then the list and the blog-a-long project also encourage me to do some crochet work that I might put off otherwise. So it’s a good thing overall.

  4. Minding My Own Stitches Reply

    The thing that fascinates me is how different and interesting each bag is! I think you’re doing great!

    • Kathryn Reply

      Thanks @MindingMyOwnStitches – I value your support!

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  6. You should be very proud of your progress. The bags all look lovely.

  7. It’s so hard not to get tempted by lovely little projects you find, after you’ve put together your YoP list! But you’ve done a great job of planning how to “recover”! Maybe I’ll do that too! Still, as long as your having fun and making such lovely projects, don’t worry too much on the progress :)

    • Kathryn Reply

      @Lilyrazz – That’s a great point – the process is more important than the product!

  8. Hey, five is a good measure of progress! You keep on going and what great gifts/accessories they make.

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