Usually Monday mornings is when you find me here researching and reporting on the work of other crochet artists. However, today I’m here to report on my own crochet art. I’ve just launched a big crochet art project called Swaddle that I’ve been hinting at here on the blog for awhile. It’s up on Kickstarter where I’m looking for funding to make it a reality. So I’m just asking you to take a look at it, give a little bit if you can and help me to spread the word.

The First Swaddle Crochet Project Video

I am going to be reporting twice-monthly on this crochet art project here on the blog using video posts. I have never used video before and never really been on a video before so that’s totally new for me. I’m doing that because I think it’s important to make sure that I push my own boundaries to show that I’m serious about this project. So, I’ve made my first video that is in an intro to the project (and it’s the video you’ll find on Kickstarter).

I want to tell you something about this video. It’s a lengthy video with lots of mistakes and in bad need of editing. I had thought about getting help to make a cool video. And I thought about editing this piece myself. However, in the end I decided that the best thing to do here is to be honest and genuine about who I am, to really show you a bit about myself. I’ll be developing my video and video editing skills throughout the duration of this project and I’m hoping that you’ll watch me grow with that as I do.

More about Swaddle

In case you’re more into reading words than watching video (like me), I thought I’d share basically what Swaddle is all about. You can read more on the Kickstarter page but essentially this is a 12+ piece crochet art exhibit designed to explore and share the following things:

  • How women communicate individually and as a whole
  • How women’s communication styles improve and hinder their relationships with men
  • Celebration of crochet and craft as a celebration of women’s history
  • Celebration of modern businesswomen through use of yarn from indie dyers and sellers and small business owners

4 Reasons Crochet is Perfect for this Art Project

  1. Crochet has historically been seen as a female craft and therefore lends itself well to artistic explorations involving gender issues.
  2. Crochet is made up of knots and loops. Communication often gets tangled up and repeated so the form is ideal for expressing this.
  3. Crochet can easily be used to create both “female” objects (domestic objects, lace, fashion) and “male” objects (math principles, science objects, tools).
  4. Crochet is beautiful! There is a small segment of fiber artists and mixed media artists who are working to show off the true beauty and detail of crochet. This project adds to that community voice. It is important that this project explore many detailed aspects of crochet and not just use basic stitches.

Why is it Called Swaddle?

Why is this project called Swaddle? Swaddling is a way of wrapping up babies to protect them. Historically it was done in a way that was extremely binding and restrictive. Modern swaddling is more comfortable although can still be controversial. Either way, swaddling immediately draws to mind the image of the nurturing woman. This project explores how women nurture the men in their lives, in ways that are both traditional and controversial. It explores how that nurturing can help the men in their lives and the relationship between them (as swaddling to care for an infant can be a positive experience between mom and child). It also explores how sometimes that communication unintentionally infantilizes men and eats at the relationship.

3 Pieces in the Collection

No photos yet, but I wanted to tell you about some of the things that you’ll see as this project develops:

  1. 40 Variations on a Granny. This is a repetitive crochet piece showing how the tiniest shift in a stitch can alter the appearance of your work. It represents how small changes in conversations (using “I” statements is a well-known example) can improve relationships. It also references the way that men sometimes feel like the women in their lives are just saying the same thing over and over and so they stop listening. The piece places 40 granny squares side by side, each one a variation on the traditional granny square.
  2. It Takes a Village. This crochet art piece is all about how the community affects individual relationships. Women tend to turn to other women to talk about what is going on in their relationships with men in order to resolve problems and get their feelings out without rocking the actual relationship. This piece juxtaposes very frilly, feminine, soft crochet on one side with very hard, edgy, structural crochet on the other side and shows how they blend in the middle and run into one another.
  3. Swaddled. This is a collection of crochet swaddling blankets wrapped around representations of male figures. Some are cozy and comfortable, as we expect crochet blankets to be. Some are strangling and suffocating. Some are too loose and the male is exposed. This represents the core idea behind the title project.

Help Support Crochet Art

I hope that you can get excited about this crochet art project. I know that I am! If you like the idea and want to help, here’s what you can do:

  • Donate as little as $5 to the cause at Kickstarter. Everyone who donates gets rewards!
  • Blog about this project. I am happy to do interviews, answer questions, write guest posts, etc. Kickstarter funding ends Nov. 14th so the sooner the better if you want to set something up with me! To do so, shoot me an email at createmefree at
  • Tweet about the project, Facebook share it, etc.
  • Let me know that you believe in the project! Support of all kinds is always appreciated.
  • Grab the project’s image for your sidebar. Link it to the Kickstarter page or to this post. Here it is:
Thank you for taking the time to take a look at my crochet art project!


San Francisco based and crochet-obsessed writer, dreamer and creative spirit!


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