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Last week I wrote a bit about the Knot after Knot online crochet art exhibit. Although I was familiar with many of the crochet artists whose work is featured there, I also discovered several artists whose work I didn’t already know. One of those new-to-me artists is Ana Laura Alaez.

More about Crochet Artist Ana Laura Alaez

Ana Laura Alaez is a Spanish artist based in Madrid who has been creating multimedia artwork since 1992. She is also a writer and prior to launching her art and design business had a regular writing gig for Spanish Vogue. She has completed some very large projects, such as an installation of a functional disco club. Her work has been featured in Spain’s MUSAC contemporary art museum.

More about Alaez’s Art

Through the bio in the Knot after Knot crochet art exhibit we learn that Alaez uses her artwork to explore ideas about space, human scale and personal identity. In other words, her artwork is all about who the individual is within the larger framework of a society and a world. She uses many different mediums to express and explore these ideas including photography, video, sculpture, installation and of course crochet.

The following video may be in Spanish but that doesn’t take away from the beauty of her images:

Favorite Examples of Alaez’s Crochet Art

Crochet isn’t necessarily the bulk of Alaez’s art but it is a medium that she has used on more than one occasion to express herself and I enjoy the results when she does. Check out some pieces:

Wonderwoman in Crochet: Great way to explore ideas of identity! The series also includes Superwoman and Spiderman.

I kind of love these crochet strawberries! This series also includes some beautiful crochet orange peels.

1993’s Cyberpunk

Ana Laura Alaez Around the Web

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