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I’ve mentioned Christopher Kane on this site a few times. He’s currently my favorite hot fashion designer featuring lots of crochet on the runway. I love the way that he takes traditional crochet – like the granny square – and turns on its head. That’s precisely what he’s done here with his latest creation – a crocheted take on the biker jacket that’s been made with some of the world’s finest cashmere.

Since 2008 Kane has been working in collaboration with Johnston’s, a Scottish mill launched in the eighteenth century and well-known for luxury cashmere. As a Scottish designer, Kane particularly enjoys being able to work with and support a Scottish company. He also says that the cashmere from this region, washed in water that is softer than in many other regions, feels wonderfully soft and of terrific quality. I would image that this cashmere biker jacket is super cozy and warm!

I don’t know what the price is on this designer crochet jacket but I’m sure it’s up there. Each jacket has to be hand crocheted, of course (since there’s no such thing as a crochet machine!) Each panel on a single jacket takes about eight hours to crochet and then it takes another six hours to sew the jackets together, add zippers and complete the piece. Only fifty of them have been made, so it’s not something I’ll be getting my hands on but it’s certainly great eye candy to drool over.

I think it’s worth noting that this guy is a young designer, only about 26 years old at the time that this collaboration began. He has done well for himself in a short period of time – consulting for Donatella Versace and designing for Versus while developing his own brand, which is the brand rich in the crochet that I adore. Kane won the Harrod’s Design Award in 2006 for his graduation collection and then this year he won the first Vogue Fashion Fund prize of £200,000. So he’s clearly one to watch.


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    • Kathryn Reply

      @Trudy – Technically he’s 29, now, but yet – he’s amazingly talented.

  1. ElisabethAndree Reply

    What a beautiful design! So elegant and a ‘rock chick look’ at the same time.

    • Kathryn Reply

      @ElisabethAndree – What a great way to describe it!!

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