Photo Credit Ani Hovhannisyan via Berlin Patch

It is basically possible to crochet with anything that can be shaped into something akin to thread or yarn or rope. Crocheting with alternative materials, like plarn and t-shirt yarn, is practically de rigeur these days. And I’ve started seeing quite a few posts by people who are recycling VHS tape and cassette tape ribbon for crochet creations. Personally I’m interested in the possibilities of crocheting with conductive thread. So I wouldn’t say that a lot shocks me in terms of the materials that can be used for crochet. But chewing gum? Really? Berlin resident Helen Avagyan says yes.

According to a report by the Berlin Patch, Avagyan chews up the gum, rolls it up into thin lines, dips them into cold water to freeze them and then effectively makes yarn out of them. She then uses her gum yarn to crochet. Once the items are crocheted, she paints them with nail polish to enhance the color. She calls what she makes gum sculptures but thinks they’d also be nice as Christmas ornaments.

This seems crazy. In fact, I’m almost tempted to think that it’s some kind of Internet hoax except for the fact that I know as a crocheter I tend to look at nearly everything and think, “I wonder if I could make something out of that”. Gotta give her some serious credit for innovation as well as frugal living!


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  1. I actually got myself a package of string made of candy the other week, just to try some crocheting with it! :D

  2. I saw a post about this on Facebook, and they seemed to think that she just shaped the rolled up gum into crochet-like doilies. Do you know if she actually does crochet with it?
    And while I have to say a big YUCK to the idea of working with chewed up gum, I think the possibility of doing something similar with Sculpty or modeling clay is pretty intriguing!

    • Kathryn Reply

      @Ann – that’s a really good question. I was under the impression she actually did crochet with it but perhaps that information is incorrect. I’ll see if I can learn more. Love your idea of crocheting with clay!

  3. AberrantCrochet Reply

    Looking at the photo in close-up, it’s clear to me that much of those shapes are created in actual crochet stitches. However, I don’t think the hearts are. Just my take.

    This needs to be added to the CLF list of unusual mediums of crochet on Gum is a new one on me, but hey – it makes sense I guess.

    As icky as it sounds on the one hand, I’ve a morbid curiosity on the other as to which kind of gum would garner better results: Juicy Fruit or Bubble Yum…..

    • Kathryn Reply

      @AberrantCrochet – Thanks for the two cents. I definitely intend to do more research into this woman’s stuff in the near future. And you make me smile with your Juicy Fruit or Bubble Yum question because it’s totally the kind of thing that I would ask myself. I just recently bought some cassette tapes to try to crochet with the ribbon and I was mulling over which genres would make better crochet results. :)

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