Yarnbombing is a controversial topic (which I’ll be discussing in detail in my next post!) but for those of you who don’t care about the controversy and just like it there are some people on Twitter to check out! Note that this is one of my few posts that isn’t crochet-specific but includes knitting Tweeters, too. That’s because yarnbombing is it’s own separate thing that includes both crochet and knitting under one umbrella.

  1. @knitthecity. One of the more prolific yarnbombing Tweeters, often shares links to yarnbombing in the news.
  2. @deadlyknitshade. A self-described “yarnstorming graffiti knitter”.
  3. @LeannePrain. Co-author of the well-known Yarn Bombing book.
  4. @yarnbombers. A UK yarnbombing group that tweets now and then.
  5. @urbanknitting. Shares lots of yarnbombing and urban knitting art information.
  6. @knittaprofavor. The Twitter account for artist Magda Sayeg, knitter with established yarnbombing group Knitta please.
  7. @BendYarnBombers. Occasional updates about the work of a Bend. OR yarnbombing group.
  8. @ABQYarnbomb. A brand new Twitter account by someone working on plans for International Yarnbombing Day (the first ever is on June 11th).
  9. @KnitoriousMEG. Her work was among many featured in the Yarn Bombing book.
  10. @ishknits. “custom knits, guerilla knitting, yarn bomber, and therapist.”. Awesome.

I am putting together a Twitter list specific to yarnbombing. If you have someone to recommend, share their Twitter name in the comments!


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