“An Afghan of Awesomeness will keep you warm, but it’s also generating funds for breast cancer awareness and is a constant, visual reminder of the fight against the disease.” (source)

How many things do I love about that simple statement? I love the name – and Afghan of Awesomeness! I love the good cause. I love that this is a crocheted afghan.

But mostly I am crazy impressed by the detail that went into the piece. The afghan is about eight feet long and five feet wide, which sounds about average for an afghan although I think it’s a little bit bigger than what most people tend to crochet. It is made of a whopping 759 crochet squares that are about 2″ each! Can you imagine having to weave in all those ends?!

The squares are set against a white background. The final product includes the word CURE and a large pink ribbon to reflect the breast cancer cause behind the creation of the afghan.

You might think that a crochet afghan requiring this much work was done by lots of people working together but that’s not the case. All of the work was done by one woman, Beth Austin, who completed the afghan in approximately two months. The afghan is one of the prizes that can be won in a raffle at the second annual Back Alley Cycles’ poker run in Kentucky. Proceeds from the raffle are going to the Feel Your Boobies Foundation, an organization that educates and encourages women to do regular breast self-exams to catch signs of cancer early.

This is not the first afghan that Beth has created. She also did a similar afghan for last year’s poker run (the proceeds of that one went to two other breast cancer awareness organizations) although she had help from a friend in finishing that first crochet afghan. She has also worked on afghans for Alzheimers causes.

Have you ever crocheted a blanket that had 700+ squares?


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  1. Keri/Kinnicchick Reply

    LOVE this. Absolutely gorgeous. Thank you for posting it. My husband is a 10-year Survivor of brain cancer and we’re celebrating at our local Relay For Life next month. I really love this blanket. You don’t get the kind of fund raising craze around the other cancers that breast cancer has created, thanks to Susan Koman, etc. But I’m all for whatever people will do to bring money to these worthy organizations.

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