British Sea Power is an English indie rock band that is currently doing a U.S. tour. This is exciting for their U.S. fans because they are especially known for having great live performances. Even if you’re not into the music, you may want to learn a little bit about the only gal in the band – Abi. She’s always been a cool chick and now she crochets which makes her even cooler.

Abi Fry is a Cool Chick

Besides that she’s a crocheting indie rocker chick, Abi Fry is cool because she plays the viola in her band. How unique and wonderful! She actually has played the viola in quite a few other bands as well, most notably with English musician Bat for Lashes.

Known for Knitting

Abi Fry gained some attention in the fiber arts world last year after interviews revealed that she’s a serious knitter. She has said that there’s nothing better than turning a ball of wool into a finished project. She has also said that it brings her joy and happiness and she loves how endless the possibilities are.

Now Abi Crochets

In a recent interview on a BBC blog someone asked about Abi’s knitting and the response was that she’s mostly doing crochet these days. YAY! During this tour the band really wants to spend their time in the bus doing writing but crochet is something that a lot of do while multitasking so hopefully she’ll be able to crochet while helping to turn out new music.

Do you know of any other musicians who crochet?


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