The Daily Examiner out of Australia reports that this weekend and next there will be a crochet-in to help make beanies for chilly babies in post-earthquake Japan. Danielle Deefholts, Judy Hackett and Reece Lancaster (shown in the image above which was taken by photographer Adam Hourigan) are the three women leading the group. People of all skill levels are welcome to drop in to help (including people who have never crocheted before but want to help and are willing to learn). People who can’t drop in are making their own beanies to donate, donating yarn or wool to the project and paying for postage to help ship the items to Japan.

Many people feel lost and want to help with what’s happening in Japan but they just don’t know where to start. There is always something that you can do. Crocheters tend to be very giving of their work and the value of that shouldn’t be underestimated. Wrapping up a baby in the warmth and safe feeling of a cozy blanket can help in a small way and that’s certainly a start.

Do you know of any similar projects happening in the U.S.?


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