What does an all-female unit of Marines need when they get ready to head to Afghanistan for seven months? A set of camo-colored crocheted prayer shawls of course!

The Statesmen Journal reports that Lancy Cpl. Sydney Reigers’ grandmother made her a camouflage prayer shawl a couple of years ago when she first went off to boot camp and thought it would be a great idea to do it again now that she’s headed overseas.

The idea spread. Some of the other women in the unit wanted one, too. And then it became a gift for every woman in the unit. That’s 46 marines that are getting prayer shawls for the trip overseas. The idea is that these homemade shawls will be comforting in times of homesickness.

Grandma got a group of friends together to help her make the shawls. They actually went overboard and ended up with 70 shawls. The extras will go to other Marines.

This isn’t the only group making crocheted items for military service members. There are quite a few of them including one that makes crocheted helmet liners! Do you know of any other similar efforts?


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