Usually on Friday mornings I give my recommendations for 10 crochet tweeps to follow. However, I’m feeling ambitious today so let’s triple the fun and look at 30 crocheters on Twitter who are a bit different from the ones you might already be following:

  1. @Debscrochet. Links up to her various products on Etsy and Artfire
  2. @AcadianCrochet. Links to lots of interesting vintage items including crochet threadwork.
  3. @HeloiseVCrochet. A UK-based crocheter on Etsy who also Tweets. :)
  4. @CrochetLove. This is a store that was previously active on Twitter then shut down but is about to re-open so I’m hoping that the Twitter account will get more active again.
  5. @woolmountain. Crochet and knit designer.
  6. @crochetsarahr. The Twitter account for Interweave Crochet project editor Sarah Read.
  7. @kollageyarns. Kollage Yarns is a great site for all things yarn. Stay updated via Twitter.
  8. @mamas2hands. I especially love her posts about pattern writing.
  9. @NCroneFindlay. She’s a knitter/ crocheter/ fiber artist who tweets about this work.
  10. @ThisIsCrochet. Twitter-active crochet designer.
  11. @JuliaVaconsin. I’m always excited to see what this crochet designer is going to post next.
  12. @TurquoizBlue. Writes great articles on crochet topics and links to them via Twitter.
  13. @KathleenSams. Of Red Heart. Very seldom updates but always great red heart info when she does.
  14. @crochetguy. Of the blog “that crochet guy”.
  15. @handsindelight. This crochet lover replies via @mentions to lots of other great crocheters.
  16. @ellacrochets. Lots of Tweets about winding yarn!
  17. @strandcrochet. Offers peeks into her crochet designs!
  18. @CrochetR. Very thoughtful crochet related posts.
  19. @SixSkeins. I’m a big fan of the Six Skeins Under blog and so it’s no surprise I’m a Twitter follower as well.
  20. @crochetgal. Love how super active she is on Twitter!
  21. @wntc. I have to admit I always laugh at “what not to crochet”.
  22. @crochetrenee. Uses twitter to link to her blog posts on crochet and yarn topics.
  23. @stitchtacsew. Very approachable and friendly crafter on Twitter.
  24. @amygaines. For lots of amigurumi links.
  25. @mercedesKSD. I swear there isn’t a creative thing that this woman doesn’t do! I love it!
  26. @madelinetosh. This yarn lovers tweets are like little poems!
  27. @fiberdeviant. Get insights into the daily activities for this fiber lover.
  28. @epatterns. Links to lots of different types of patterns for creators.
  29. @McYarnPants. Snarky-spiked posts from the “Creator and Curator of the Museum of Kitschy Stitches”.
  30. @crochetcomplsiv. Lots of different types of updates about life in MN but what I love are the various comments on crochet.

Who did I miss? Who do you follow on Twitter that crochets and deserves some props? Your response in the comments will be loved!


San Francisco based and crochet-obsessed writer, dreamer and creative spirit!


  1. Hey, I crochet and have just started up on twitter, @abinocoe, but whether or not I deserve props is up to you to decide. Wicked blog, by the way, thanks for sharing.

  2. LauraManning Reply

    @crochetaholic crochet shops on Artfire and Etsy. and

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