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I often write tales of older women who crochet. Many of these women spend their time creating crochet items for charity. But the older folks aren’t the only ones giving their crafting time and energy up to help others. Sayville Patch recently profiled an eleven year old middle school student who is doing the exact same thing!

Sarah Bunker is a Sayville Middle School student whose teacher nominated her to get attention for her good works. She is a member of the Crafted with Love Knit / Crochet Club. She volunteered 50+ hours of her free time to the club including participating in a club fundraiser to get money for donation to feed the homeless through a local soup kitchen.

Her teacher says:

“Sara has a cheerful attitude and it always willing to help others. She is willing to give up personal free time to help and participate in fundraiser and is an incredible role model inspiring craft club members to create items to donate. Sarah also has the ability to have extreme patience in teaching craft club members how to crochet and knit, who in turn teach others.”

Although it doesn’t specifically say whether the child prefers crochet or knitting, it appears that she must be capable of doing both. I think that one of the best things about crochet is that it can be done by all ages and is often therefore something that ties together the generations of people (especially women) in a family.

Do you know a child who crochets for charity? Share their story in the comments!


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