20 More Excellent Crochet Clothing Patterns: Skirts, Dresses, Tops and More

crochet clothing patterns

Do you enjoy crocheting clothing? I’ve done several pattern roundups in the past highlighting great crochet garment patterns. For example, I have roundups of the best free crochet skirt patterns for women, crochet girls’ dress patterns to buy or get for free, and white crochet dress patterns for women. The fun doesn’t end there. Today I’ve got a roundup of even more excellent crochet clothing patterns.

Crochet Skirt Patterns

crochet granny skirt free pattern

Crochet granny skirt free pattern by High Strung Designs

crochet tube skirt free pattern

Striped crochet skirt free pattern by Crochet For You

crochet skirt pattern

Scalloped crochet skirt free pattern from Positively Lace

crochet tutu

@crochetkitten shares a free pattern for a crochet ruffle tutu using novelty yarn

crochet skirt free pattern

Crochet skirt free pattern by Gayle Bunn

Crochet Dress Patterns

crochet dress pattern

Scalloped crochet dress pattern for sale from Mon Petit Violin

crochet dress pattern

Easy free crochet dress pattern from NyanPon

crochet summer dress free pattern

Crochet summer dress free pattern from @YFMag

crochet ripple dress free pattern

Crochet ripple dress free pattern from Knit Nottingham

vintage crochet dress pattern

Vintage crochet dress pattern

Patterns for Crochet Tops

crochet sweater pattern

@elevenhandmade has a beautiful Tunisian crochet sweater pattern for sale

crochet pattern top

Coats & Clark free crochet pattern, designed exclusively by @kristinomdahl. It is called the On-Trend Crochet Tunic Pattern.

crochet sweater pattern

Crochet Sweater Pattern free from Yuli Handmade

crochet tee shirt

Crochet t-shirt free pattern from Premier Yarns

1930s crochet sweater pattern

I love this detailed 1934 crochet sweater top with matching belt and ascot. The free vintage crochet pattern is available online.

Other Crochet Clothing Patterns

crochet shell pants pattern

Crochet pants pattern for sale from Farrah for 365 Crochet

crochet shorts pattern

Short shorts crochet pattern for sale from Lora M

crochet shorts

Crochet pineapple shorts pattern for sale from Heritage Heartcraft

crochet bell bottoms pattern

Crochet pineapple bell bottoms pattern for sale from Gwenevere Beesley

crochet jacket

Crochet jacket free pattern from High Strung Designs


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