10 Inspirational High Fashion Crochet Images

It’s always fun to see what kind of crochet makes it onto the runway. Sometimes it even inspires our own (lower-budget) couture designs.

SS16 Crochet from Balmain

SS16 Crochet from Balmain

oscar de la renta crochet

Resort ’17 Crochet Skirt from Oscar de la Renta

dolce and gabbana crochet purse

It looks like there were some new Dolce and Gabbana crochet purses on the runway in Milan … see some other D&G crochet purses

striped crochet dress

Milan Fashion Week, Arthur Arbesser, this striped dress is possibly crochet

crochet wrist warmers

Phoebe English featured crochet wrist warmers for Fall 2016

crochet fashion

Nguyen Cong Tri uses unique silk and traditional techniques to make this collection; I’m not sure if there’s actually any crochet but there’s embroidery and knitting and weaving and there’s definitely a handcrafted crochet inspiration in there.

crochet-inspired converse

Crochet-inspired Converse shoes out in 2016

crochet on men fashion

I’m almost positive that is crochet edging on this Pringle of Scotland men’s runway … if not then it’s definitely inspired by crochet as are a few of the other items in the collection

celebrity crochet swimsuit

Abbey Clancey in crochet swimsuit

barbara lewis vintage crochet

Crochet swimsuits aren’t a new thing; this swimsuit on the cover of a 1969 issue of Cosmo was made by Barbara Lewis, a designer who recently passed away. There’s a great tribute to the history of her work at the Chicago Sun Times

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3 thoughts on “10 Inspirational High Fashion Crochet Images”

  1. What do these horrible designs have to do with crocheting. Yes, there is some pieces that are looks like they tried to crochet, but al in all, maybe if your 16 you might want to wear this type of clothing, but to show it on this web-site if a waste of your tome and mine. Stick to things that are more realistic item that people would be more interested in. Thanks.

    • Diana, how about you try trolling somewhere else? You type like a child, and obviously have no sense of any sort of higher fashion sensibility. These designs are more than everyday wear and are suitable inspirations for crocheters with true talent. If you do not like it, look away. Waste your “tome” trolling another site.

      Kathryn, thank you for the article.

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