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Post image for Pain of Neurological Failure Reduced With Crochet

Maarit has a neurological condition that has caused her to be wheelchair bound and in almost constant pain; crocheting helps calm her, reduces her pain and helps her find a reason to live.


Post image for Crochet In Treating Schizophrenia: Aurore’s Story

Aurore is a French woman with a diagnosis of chronic hallucinatory psychosis, a condition that is comparable to schizophrenia and is characterized by difficulty maintaining a sense of what is real and what is not. This strong woman uses crochet as one tool to help her maintain a connection to reality as she deals with this condition.

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A look at how our craft can be used within therapy to facilitate the therapeutic process but can also be a form of therapy itself.


Post image for Benefits of Crochet in Individual and Group Therapy

Crochet can be one option that a therapist implements to help his or her patients. It is useful in both individual and group treatment sessions.


Today’s crochet quote reflects a topic I’m very interested in: crochet as a form of therapy.