I want to share with you Simply Adorable Crochet: 40 of the Cutest Projects Ever by Maki Oomachi.

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Post image for 10 Super Fun Examples of Amigurumi Crochet Animals and Dolls

All November I’m sharing selections here from my Crochet Pinterest Boards. Today I’m sharing ten fun pieces of amigurumi pinned to, of course, my amgirumi crochet board.

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Post image for 20 More Examples of Extreme Tiny Crochet

Here are 20 more examples of awesome extreme tiny crochet.


Post image for 20+ Amazing Examples of Teeny Tiny Crochet and Amigurumi

How small can you crochet? I don’t have the patience to crochet little teeny tiny creatures but I sure do respect people who do!


Post image for Etsy Crochet Pattern: Mandy the One Skein Monkey

This week’s Etsy crochet pattern feature is an amigurumi pattern for a cute colorful monkey sized about 15″ tall. It’s a one-skein project by CraftyDebDesigns.


Post image for Etsy Crochet Pattern: Cute Little Classic Car

This week’s featured selection for an Etsy crochet pattern for sale is an amigurumi pattern for an adorable classic car by DeliciousCrochet.


Fridays are the day to celebrate some of the fun crochet patterns that are for sale over on Etsy. Today I’m highlighting the super cute puppy pencil toppers crochet pattern that is sold by mutts.