365 ways to wear crochet

Post image for Ha! Site Makes Fun of My Crochet Style (and 365 Update)

A post on Pinterest You Are Drunk makes fun of my crochet style.


Post image for How to Accessorize a Boho Red Dress with Crochet

Above you can see my boho red dress with no accessories. I love this dress but it presents some challenges when I want to wear it. Here are my crochet style ideas.


Post image for Style Tips: Several Ways to Style a Crochet Dress

Last week we looked at different ways to use crochet accessories to style a yellow dress. This week let’s look at different style options for a crochet dress.


Post image for 8 More Ways to Style A Yellow Dress with Crochet

Earlier today I showed you some options for matching different colored crochet scarves to a yellow dress. But scarves aren’t the only crochet choice for styling a yellow dress. Here are some other options.


Post image for How to Match Your Crochet Scarf to A Yellow Dress

I recently found the loveliest 1970′s yellow halter dress in a thrift store in The Haight. I’m adoring it and want to wear it pretty much every day because it makes me feel sunny and bright.


Post image for Same Crochet Necklace 3 Ways

I recently made a simple crochet necklace that you’ve already seen and have since worn it in three different ways. That’s one of the best things about a long simple necklace – it offers so much variety.


Post image for 365 Ways to Wear Crochet: Malabrigo Halter Dress

Today I’m wearing the upcycled halter dress that I made using the top of an old thrift dress and enhancing it with crocheted Malabrigo Yarn.