Crochet Fashion on the Runway, Fall 2017

I never get tired of seeing designer crochet hit the runways. I like seeing the way crochet is used in seasonal fashion trends. I like seeing the bits of handwork in what is sometimes mass produced fashion. I love seeing how craft informs fashion and fashion turns around and informs craft. Here are some of the bits of crochet spotted on recent runways for Fall 2017.

Crochet Heals Ashleigh

Salt Lake City crafter Ashleigh E. is the maker behind MonkeesYarns, which she describes as “a small, momma run business selling hand crocheted and knitted goods geared towards the family and home.” This busy 20-something woman crochet toys, blankets, purses, hats and more to keep herself active and upbeat despite struggling with depression, anxiety and fibromyalgia. In this interview she shares how she learned to crochet, how it became a business and the ways in which it helps her.

Buy One Get One Free Craftsy Class Sale + Recommended Crochet Classes

Craftsy is one of the best places online to learn new techniques in crochet. I’ve taken several Craftsy courses myself. They offer complete instruction, often with teacher support, in a format that allows you to work at your own pace. Each class teaches you different things, usually letting you create great projects in the process. And now, for just a couple of days, you can get two classes for the price of one.

Fabulous Crochet Playground Swings by Cathy Bertel

When I think of crochet playgrounds, I immediately think of Toshiko Horiuchi MacAdam who began creating them in the 1970s and gained widespread attention for her work a few years ago. I then think of Ernesto Neto and the projects by collectives Numen and Suspension of Disbelief. It would be remiss not to also include the work by artist Cathy Bertel who creates suspended crochet nets wrapped around exercise balls to create interactive swings.