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The world has lost a beautiful spirit. Marinke Slump, known to many as Wink, from the blog A Creative Being has succumbed to the struggle with depression and suicide. The online craft community has been devastated. My initial reaction was a painful mix of sadness, shock and fear. In the face of such devastating news I wanted to do all that I could to bring our community together and thus was born the #MandalasForMarinke project.


This is a collaborative crochet art project designed to honor Wink’s life and work and celebrate her amazing creativity in a way that allows her art to keep inspiring others even though she is now gone. It is intended as a way to help the many affected crafters channel their own grief and complex feelings upon hearing the news. And it will raise awareness about depression. Get the full details on the project and how to participate here.

FAQ About #MandalasForMarinke

Who was Wink? What happened?

Marinke was a crochet designer that I met online several years ago when she shared her story for my book Crochet Saved My Life. She was very open on her blog about her struggles with depression. Sadly, she couldn’t win that battle. You can read the post about this from her sister on A Creative Being.

How can I participate in #MandalasForMarinke?

This is a collaborative crochet art project that is accepting crochet mandalas in Wink’s honor. You are invited to send your mandala along with a handwritten (or typewritten) note for the project. All information about what to send and where to send it is here.


What’s the deadline?

NEW DEADLINE: Postmark your mini mandala contributions by 4/30/16. This new portion of the project has been opened up to allow people an opportunity to create mandalas for one another. Details and free mini mandala pattern here.

NOTE: DEADLINE EXTENDED. Postmark all contributions by 10/15/15.

Contributions to #MandalasForMarinke should be postmarked by August 31, 2015. It doesn’t matter where in the world you live; if you get them into the mail by deadline they will be part of the project. If it’s absolutely impossible for you to meet that deadline, contact me (email at bottom of this post) and let’s discuss.

Do I need to block/ stiffen/ frame my mandala?

The crochet mandalas are going to be added to the crochet project in the way that you send them. I will not be doing additional blocking or stiffening on my hand. However, you are welcome to send them as is, fresh off the hook, if you’re happy with the way that they look. I want to make it really easy for everyone to contribute in the way that is right for them. If you want to block, stiffen and/or frame your piece(s), please do so. If you don’t, that’s okay too.

You asked for contributions to be made using Wink’s patterns. Is that a requirement? I want to crochet a different mandala.

No. You are welcome to send any crochet contributions that are made in Wink’s honor. The reason I specifically wanted people to try to work from Wink’s patterns is because they are so inspiring and the mandalas are really what she was known for most in the world of crochet. I want to see her own work continue to inspire people and live on. That said, if you have any crochet mandala at all, something that you made in the past or from your own design or whatever, it is totally welcome to be included in the project. If you used someone else’s pattern, please include that info in your note to me so that the designer can get recognition. Crochet mandala patterns here

What size should the mandalas be?

Any size! Tiny, huge, in between. Everything is welcome. In addition to the mandalas that will hang in the art show, I’m seeking small ones that can be handed out to people and huge cozy ones that can be used as rugs in a crafting space at the event. See update here for more info.

Why mandalas?

Wink really brought the crochet mandala pattern into the limelight and it took off throughout the craft world. She used other people’s patterns in creative ways on her blog, creating stunning posts showcasing color inspiration. She created her own original crochet mandala patterns that so many people have used. Plus the mandala is a meditative item to crochet and can be healing for yourself as you work it.

How will this project raise awareness about depression?

  • Each contribution will be posted online here on Crochet Concupiscence with the story / info the maker has shared and at least one fact about depression. These will be shared widely throughout social media.
  • The contributions will be collected into an art show in late 2015/early 2016. There will be a depression awareness pamphlet handed out at this art show.
  • The work will be gathered into a crochet art book and a portion of the proceeds from the sales of that book will go towards an organization to raise awareness about the issue.
  • After the project is complete, the mandalas will be sent along to send a smile to the faces of those who have been impacted by depression / suicide.

How can I follow the posts when they start arriving on Crochet Concupiscence?

Want to see all of the contributions? They’ll be here on the blog tagged with MandalasForMarinke. You can subscribe to get this blog’s daily email updates here. Finally, I’ll also be keeping an updated set of links for the contributions at the bottom of this page.

Where will that art show be held?

The art show will be held in San Francisco. The exact location is to be determined.

Update: I have applied for artist-in-residency positions locally. The results of those applications will help to shape when and where the art show is going to take place.

Where will the money from the book sales go? Why is only a “portion” going to the organization?

The specific organization is yet to be determined. It is important to me to do careful research to make sure that the right place is selected. It will be an established organization that supports suicide prevention and depression awareness. I will provide an update when an organization has been selected.

A portion of the sales from that book will go to the organization. The rest of the money goes to putting the project together, including all of the work that will go into the art show and the publication of the book, spreading the word about the project and Wink’s work, etc. The exact amount of donation will be determined based on all of these factors and I will be transparent about that when it has been decided.

Where will the mandalas go when the project is done?

This is also yet to be determined. There have been several great suggestions:

  • Returning all mandalas to project contributors but in a random order so that each person affected has a reminder of the strength of this community, their participation in the project and Wink’s legacy.
  • Donating the mandalas to a psychiatric unit or other similar location so that residents can benefit from the beauty of them as art pieces.
  • Joining the mandalas into blankets or sending them as is to brighten the lives of someone who has been impacted by suicide.

All ideas are being considered. The project is still too new to make a decision. I want everything to happen in the right time and way. I will announce an update when a decision has been made.

Can I share this page?

Yes, please do! The more people we can reach to support each other during this time and celebrate Wink’s work, the better. Make sure to link back here so people know how to participate. Feel free to use either of the photos above in your posts if you want to.

Is the #MandalasForWink project the same as #MandalasForMarinke?

crochet mandalas

No, but we are happy to work hand in hand. #MandalasForWink is a separate project honoring Wink, created by the team at Design Wars. People around the world are asked to share a crochet mandala online with that hashtag to spread Wink’s beautiful inspiration far and wide. Anyone who joins the #MandalasForWink project is absolutely welcome to send that same mandala (or any other crochet mandala) in to the #MandalasForMarinke project as well.

I have other ideas about how I’d like to contribute or collaborate. How can I let you know?

Contact me via email (kathryn.vercillo on gmail) with your message. I’d love to hear it.

Where can I get more information about how crochet helps people heal?

You’ll find a roundup of links to my crochet health articles here.

july mandalasformarinke collage roundup

Here are the contributions posted so far:

august crochet collage mandalasformarinke

September Crochet Mandalas

An update on the impact of this project on me.

mandalas for marinke crochet october

november crochet mandalas

dec jan crochet mandalas for marinke

february 2016 crochet mandalas

march crochet mandalasformarinke

april crochet mandalasformarinke

may mandalas for marinke

june crochet mandalas for marinke

A few of the mandalas were also featured in a Day of the Dead crochet art exhibit. And there was also a crochet mandala tree for Wink.

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  4. I made WInks Spoke Mandala yesterday in her honor. I will be mailing it the weekend. Such a beautiful talent gone too soon. She wrote my favorite blog. I love her mandalas but I am a HUGE fan of her fat bottom granny bags. Just gorgeous. Thank you for all you have done. <3
    A Day In My Life, Crochet & Reviews

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  6. This is an awesome tribute to Wink and I’d like to participate. I’m a beginner but am attempting her mandala from Tuts, the yellow, grey and white. I’m having problems starting the first round in mustard, round 6 I believe it is. You start with dc4tog. Can you help please??

  7. I read “Crochet Saved My Life”, I was in a dark time of my life, and Wink’s book was an inspiration. When I crochet I am able to relax and forget everything for a while. I have Depression and Social Anxiety. I was in 2 mentally and emotionally abusive relationships, the last one the abuse was from my former husband & his daughter. They are out of my life and finally, through trusted friends I met someone who is good and loving…he even loves my 3 cats and dog. Thank you Wink you are loved and missed.

  8. Hi Kathryn, So happy to see that you have created this project in Marinke’s honor for depression awareness . I would so very much like to participate creating a mandala for “Wink”. I do have a question though… I would like to purchase a pattern or two of the mandalas Marinke has listed in her Raverly Shoppe. Do you know if her family will continue the sales of her patterns? I could make one using a free pattern she shared with us but I rather purchase 2 of the 3 she has on her Ravelry page. Can you provide any information regarding the sales of her patterns please. Thank you so very much. Lika

    • I don’t have any information yet about what’s happening with the sales from her patterns. It is my hope that they have access to all of her accounts and will be able to utilize those funds but I haven’t heard anything specific yet. I will be reaching out to them when I am able to get their contact information – while also respecting their need to go through the grieving process at this time. I’ll let you know as soon as I have additional information.

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  16. Where can I find her mandala patterns?

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  47. I’m so glad that the deadline was extended. I was just about to Fed Ex my package in and was looking for the address when I saw this. I will definitely have time to make a few smaller ones. One question Do you mind if I share on G+

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  49. i would like to send a mandala but I can’t find an address as to where to send it.
    I think it is a wonderful thing to do in memory of Wink and bring to notice the issue of depression which affects an awful lot of people in the world.

    Best wishes,

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  64. Hi Kathryn, I just love your project! Just to let you know my mandalas are on their way from Holland. I just got back from the post office. Hope everything reaches you okay. I wish I could come over for the art show. It must be amazing to see all the colorful mandalas together. Keep us posted!

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  66. Hi Kathryn, Thank you for doing this wonderful project in honour of Wink and bringing people together to shine a light on a very dark subject. I found her crochet website last year and subscribed straight away. Even though I had not met Wink in person I just loved what she did. I was profoundly affected when her sister wrote of her passing and finally got some time to work on a couple of mandalas for your project, however it will be a few days before I finish and post. I do hope you will accept my late submissions. I do apologise for the delay, but I would rather finish them well. Kind regards. Toni : : Sydney : : Australia

    • No problem at all. Thanks for letting me know!! <3

      • Hi Kathryn, I have finally sent my contributions for this amazing project to you, Wednesday 18/11/15, Australian date. Also I have sent pics and extra information to your gmail account, I do hope I got it right and have not filled your mailbox too much. Thanks + Cheers Toni : : Sydney : : Australia

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  72. Are you still accepting mandalas or is it too late?

    • The deadline has passed but I’m happy to work with anyone who still really wants to participate. Please email me – kathryn.vercillo (on gmail).

      • G’day Kathryn,
        Thank You for all your time & effort as I know how it takes so much time & effort to collect, photograph & put everything together… I wonder if Marinke/Wink realised how much love there was for her here in this world & how much inspiration, pride & satisfaction she gave ppl with her colour therapy & willingness to share her creativity to us all… May she RIP & May her name be always associated with Crochet Mandalas…
        I posted you a parcel from Australia on the 15th so I hope it arrives safely soon… OOroo… Bethel of Bethania

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  74. Hello I was wondering if you received my mandalas as I forgot to add my note in the package I mailed in October 15th.

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  133. I am anxious to subscribe to your site. Will send in a years subscription, as it were, next week. Looking forward to your goals for this.


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  148. The patterns don’t seem to be available for purchase on Ravelry. Is there another source to get them?

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  151. Wow Kathryn, There are so much! can’t belive it :) It’s heart warming to see.
    Thank you for all the work you keep putting in to this project. i love it.


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  175. I crocheted a mandala for Marinke back in August… see attached blog post! I never knew Wink, but her story inspired me. I had a stroke nearly five years ago, and my recreational therapist taught me how to crochet again.

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