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You can now get Crochet Concupiscence blog updates in your inbox daily. And you can also still get my newsletter; update on that below.

Blog Posts By Email

Many people like to get blog updates via email. I’ve never liked that myself and never really paid much attention to how it’s done. However, a lot of people have asked about that option for this blog periodically over time so I finally figured out how to make it happen. My apologies for taking so long but if you’re interested in that option then you can Subscribe to Crochet Concupiscence by Email now.

Crochet Newsletter

I used to be really great about putting out my crochet newsletter every month. Since starting grad school that’s been too tough so my plan was to go to a quarterly newsletter. I haven’t been too great at staying on top of that but I’m planning a new issue soon so if you’re interested in that and not already signed up then you can sign up here.

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