2013 Awesome Crochet Blog Awards: Best Baby Crochet Patterns

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For today’s 2013 Awesome Crochet Blogger Awards I’d like to give an award for the best baby crochet pattern of the year. This year’s award goes to Lacy Crochet.

About this Awesome Crochet Blog Award

Many people especially enjoy crocheting items for babies. First of all, these items are quick to crochet and so offer instant gratification to the crafter. Secondly, they are genreally very welcomed by the recipients. And of course they’re just super cute! Bloggers who create crochet patterns for babies offer a much-desired item to the crochet world and should be recognized!

Why the Winning Blog Won

Lacy Crochet regularly posts about a variety of different crochet projects. What she posts about most often though are the patterns she’s creating for crochet baby blankets and crochet baby hats. These patterns are generally simple enough for beginners but offer a variety of different stitches and styles. These crochet patterns are easy to understand, supplemented with great clear photos of the steps, include detailed sizing instructions and are offered as free crochet patterns. What a gift to all of her readers!

This Blog Previously Won …

I have linked to Lacy Crochet many times in my link love posts and on social media but this is the first time that the blogger has won one of my annual crochet blog awards. Each year there are only abut 30 winners so I can’t fit everyone in that I love. I’m happy to recognize this blog’s efforts this year.

Also About This Great Crochet Blog

In addition to her free crochet baby patterns some of the things this blogger offers include:

  • Free crochet videos for beginners
  • Shares of her own WIPs and FOs, which are fun to look at
  • Short comments on her life and what she’s enjoying about the season and other things that are going on, very personable without oversharing
  • A variety of other free crochet patterns including crochet flowers and crochet edgings
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