Super Simple Super Buddies Cape with Crochet Cord

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I was recently invited to participate in a campaign to create cool crafty items for the new movie Disney Super Buddies. I decided to create a simple Superbuddies cape good for pets as well as kids. The Blu-Ray Combo Pack comes out on August 27th. That’s only a few days away but this project is super simple so you could easily create it in preparation for watching the movie’s release together with your family.

About Superbuddies

The creators of Disney Buddies have now come out with the new Super Buddies film. This “epic tail” is fun for the whole family to watch. I don’t even have kids of my own and I’m enjoying this film that celebrates the idea that we all have a superhero inside of us. Who doesn’t love adorable puppies that can give great role model messages to kids while being cute and funny?!

Super Buddies Super Simple Cape

If I were a kid getting ready to watch this movie I know that I would absolutely want my own super hero cape. You can make one for anyone in the family, including your pets. In this example, I’ve made one to fit Lucy, the Golden Retriever puppy I watch who happens to look a lot like Super Buddy Rosebud.


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  • Plastic Tablecloth. This is a great material because it can be easily cleaned (compared to fabric). Just wipe it down and go about your adventures.
  • Yarn. I used some DK weight acrylic yarn I had leftover from another project but any yarn or thread would work fine.
  • Crochet Hook. I used a mid-sized crochet hook but this is up to you. A smaller hook creates a tighter chain, a larger hook has a more open chain.
  • Yarn Needle.

I chose a pink plastic tablecloth from my local dollar store because I wanted Lucy to look like Rosebud. Here’s Rosebud:

rosebud super buddies Super Simple Super Buddies Cape with Crochet Cord

Step One: Fold The Tablecloth

The first thing to do is fold the tablecloth so it’s the right size for a cape. This size will vary depending on the size of the pet or person that the cape is designed for. The cape for Lucy needed to be folded in quarters.

Step Two: Sew the open end closed

After you fold the tablecloth, you need to secure it shut so it doesn’t open while it’s being worn. I did this by doing the following:

  • Thread the needle with the yarn.
  • Poke the needle through all layers of the tablecloth in one corner. Leave a tail of yarn on that end that you’ll eventually use to close the cape when it’s on its pet or person.
  • Run the needle up and down across the open end of the folds to sew that end shut. I knew that I wouldn’t be using this cape very much so it didn’t have to be sturdy and therefore I left large 1″ spaces between the needle holes … a more durable option would have tigher sewing with smaller spaces.
  • Tie a knot to secure the last stitch closed.

Step Three: Crochet the chain

IMG 1429 600x803 Super Simple Super Buddies Cape with Crochet Cord

The crochet chain is what you’ll use to tie the cape closed.

Once I’d reached the end of the sewing and tied my knot I did not cut the yarn but instead got my crochet hook and started crocheting a chain. The length of the chain will depend upon the size of your crochet hook and yarn as well as your cape size. For this Lucy-sized crochet cape I created a chain of 60. Knot the end of the chain.

Step Four: Tie it on and fly!

superbuddies 600x467 Super Simple Super Buddies Cape with Crochet Cord

Put the cape on your pet (or child). Tie the crochet chain to the yarn tail to secure the cape closed. Have a blast!

What is a Super Hero?

superhero rules 600x600 Super Simple Super Buddies Cape with Crochet Cord

Putting together this tutorial has made me start thinking about just what a super hero is. We’ve talked about crochet heroes before on this blog. What do you think makes someone a super hero?

See More Puppy Cuteness!

Visit Disney Super Buddies online over on Facebook and Pinterest.

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