Kathryn Vercillo’s 2012 Awesome Crochet Blog Awards

I am constantly amazed by not only the number of different crochet bloggers that are out there but also their creativity, breadth of projects, personal strength, individual styles and the wealth of information that is available when you put all of these great resources together. I try to do all that I can to use my experience, skills and platform as a blogger to help support the work of the “best of the best” out there in the crochet blog community. One of the ways that I do that is with my annual Awesome Crochet Blog Awards.

What are the Awesome Crochet Blog Awards?

Every day in the month of December I’ll be making an announcement as to who I believe proved to be the best in a certain area of crochet blogging this year. For example, I’ll share the best in crochet interviews, the best in charity crochet work and the best in offering crochet tips.

Some Important Stuff

  • These awards are not done by vote. Part of what I do for Crochet Concupiscence is regularly read the feeds of over 300 crochet blogs so I feel like I have a good grasp on what other crochet bloggers are regularly doing on their blogs. That said, these awards are just my personal opinion and nobody else’s.
  • This isn’t one of those pay-it-forward awards. I’m not asking anyone to name others on their blogs or do anything at all.
  • Each winner will only win once. So while I may think that a specific blogger does ten different things terrifically I’m only narrowing them down for one final award!
  • There are definitely more than 31 terrific crochet bloggers. There will only be one award per day so there will only be 31 total recognized this month but please know that I think there are lots and lots of other amazing crochet bloggers out there as well so if you don’t get picked don’t think it means I don’t adore you! One thing I fully believe is that each individual’s unique approach to everything they do in life is valuable for exactly the individual thing that it is.
  • The bloggers don’t win anything tangible. There is no prize to collect. I just do these awards to give props to the best crochet bloggers out there. Crochet Concupiscence now receives almost 10000 unique daily page views so hopefully these awards will send some traffic that way to check out these great bloggers and hopefully it’ll give some of my readers the chance to discover a few new blogs that they weren’t already familiar with.
  • The announcements will be made every afternoon in December on this blog.

Support the Awards

If you win one of the awards (or if you just want to show your support of this awards project) you can feel free to use the image above (or one of the two resized smaller versions below) in your sidebar, in a blog post or to spread through social media. Please link it back to either the post or one of the individual award posts that go live this month.

crochet blog awards midsize Kathryn Vercillos 2012 Awesome Crochet Blog Awards

2012 blog awards small Kathryn Vercillos 2012 Awesome Crochet Blog Awards

Happy blogging, happy hooking and happy holidays!!!

pinit fg en rect gray 28 Kathryn Vercillos 2012 Awesome Crochet Blog Awards

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