Surmounting the Stash (Progress Update)

surmount the stash Surmounting the Stash (Progress Update)

As many of you know, I decide to join in with Surmount the Stash 2012, launched by Revelations of a Delusional Knitter and hosted via Ravelry. I want to use the yarn I have, be more selective in adding new yarn to my stash and reduce the number of WIPs and unneeded FOs around the house. I set forth a month by month plan so it’s time for the January update.

January’s Stash Busting Goal

My Surmount the Stash goal for January was to take a complete inventory of my yarn stash. I wanted to see exactly what I have, get it organized to where I could use it and put it all in stash on Ravelry for easier tracking.

January Report

yarn stash Surmounting the Stash (Progress Update)

I more or less completed my goal. I did the following:

  • Photographed all of my yarn individually.
  • Uploaded those photos to Flickr.
  • Added the names and photos of all of that yarn to Ravelry along with the number of skeins of each.
I wanted to do the following but didn’t get around to it:
  • Add the exact name, brand and type of yarn to each Rav stashed item.
  • Add up the total number of skeins I have with a breakdown of weight and color families.
I am not going to focus on doing those extra things at this point. At the very least I can see visually what I have in my stash. Plus all of the yarn is now organized physically in the house. I’m happy with that for now.

Goals to Stay on Track

I don’t want all of that effort to go to waste. In order to stay on top of my inventory, I plan to do the following:
  • Be cautious about adding any new yarn at this point because I really honestly do have enough.
  • When new yarn is added, immediately enter it into Rav stash with the full information about the yarn and photos of the yarn.
  • When yarn is used, mark it as used on Rav.
By doing this I’ll eventually rotate out all of the currently inventoried yarn and then I’ll have the full info on all stashed yarn in my Rav page.

February Stash Busting Goals

My original goal for February was to get all of my unlisted FOs on Etsy. I am editing this goal a little bit because of changes to my plans for the Etsy store. My February goals actually are:

  • Photograph all finished crochet items.
  • Create an inventory list for those items.
  • Solidify my plans for Etsy at this time.
  • Begin action on those plans.

Do you often work from your stash?

pinit fg en rect gray 28 Surmounting the Stash (Progress Update)

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