365 Ways to Wear Crochet: Bold Pink Cowl

by Kathryn on February 22, 2012 · 6 comments

in 365 Ways to Wear Crochet

Today I took my bold pink crochet scarf, twisted it and wrapped the twisted version around my neck to make a bold pick crochet cowl. When you have an item this bold, you don’t need a lot for the rest of the outfit so just a dress and some snazzy shoes will do the trick today.

The Outfit

crochet style6 365 Ways to Wear Crochet: Bold Pink Cowl

Pink Crochet Cowl, Red Dress, Zebra Print Silver Shoes

Crochet Detail

crochet scarves1 365 Ways to Wear Crochet: Bold Pink Cowl

The Shoes

shoes3 365 Ways to Wear Crochet: Bold Pink Cowl

This post is part of 365 Ways to Wear Crochet

pinit fg en rect gray 28 365 Ways to Wear Crochet: Bold Pink Cowl

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I've been curious, who takes your pictures? And do you really do it every day?

CrochetBlogger moderator

@laurindar3 Yep, I really do it every day. I've allowed myself one day off for the year (since it's a 365 project but it's a leap year so there are actually 366 days this year) which I haven't taken yet. I do almost all of the photos myself using a self-timer on the camera. A few in early January were taken by my sister and one from hiking was taken by a friend but mostly it's just me.

CrochetBlogger moderator

@laurindar3 Thanks. It's really fun to do although it definitely gets tougher to be creative with it as time goes on. I made "rules" for myself to follow so I'm allowed to repeat crochet items or clothing but never the same entire outfit. So I might wear the same cowl but it always has to be with different clothes or I might wear the same clothes but then the crochet has to be different. Gonna have to get really creative come November and December!! :)


  1. [...] 365 Ways to Wear Crochet Pin It I think this bright pink scarf (which we’ve seen before) is a great complement to my grey dress. I simply pinned it together instead of tying it around me [...]

  2. [...] I celebrate the potential for funkiness in the dress with this look. I belted it with my favorite purple cherries belt and matched my purple boots to the look. I used a crochet scarf as a cowl, choosing a pink/purple/grey scarf that somewhat matched the coloring in the belt. I added a tan corduroy jacket. This could easily be worn in most seasons here in San Francisco, so it’s functional as well as showing personal style. google_ad_client = "pub-1111087827502817"; google_ad_width = 336; google_ad_height = 280; google_ad_format = "336x280_as"; google_ad_type = "text_image"; google_ad_channel = ""; google_color_border = "#000066"; google_color_bg = "#FFFFFF"; google_color_link = "#007777"; google_color_text = "#0B0B0B"; google_color_url = "#FFFF00"; google_ui_features = "rc:6"; By the way, I previously wore this same dress with a bold pink crochet scarf tied as a cowl. [...]

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