365 Ways to Wear Crochet: A Daily Photo Post Project

365 ways to wear crochet 365 Ways to Wear Crochet: A Daily Photo Post Project

I have decided to do my first ever 365 days project in 2012. I have always loved following along on the daily creativity projects like this that other people are doing but I’ve never felt compelled to do one myself. This year is different. This year I feel motivated to combine my love of crochet clothing with my desire to improve my photography skills in a 365 days project called 365 Ways to Wear Crochet.

What Is 365 Ways to Wear Crochet?

Each afternoon I will take and post a picture of myself in whatever I am wearing on that day. It will be a short fashion post showing my full outfit, saying basically what it is that I’m wearing and highlighting how crochet works with the piece.

The Goals

Here are some of the goals and hopes that I have in doing this 2012 crochet project:

  • To showcase the many different ways that various crochet items can be worn, celebrating crochet in contemporary every day fashion
  • To improve my photography skills in terms of both self-portraiture and detailed crochet close-ups
  • To stretch myself in terms of the crochet clothing that I choose to make this year for myself, knowing that I’ll be showing how to wear it through these pictures

The “Rules” and Exceptions

These aren’t strict rules or anything but here’s the plan:

  • Post one photo every day.
  • One no-stress day off from posting is allowed since 2012 is a leap year and there are actually 366 days.
  • The photos must be of what I’m really wearing … not just something put on to model for a picture.
  • The same item can be worn more than once. The idea is to show the different ways to wear crochet items, even the same item.
  • The same complete outfit can not be worn twice. While the same scarf may be featured in two photos, it won’t be worn with the same outfit in the same way. There will be at least a slight change.
  • I’ll try to challenge myself each day to take a high-quality photo that I’m happy to share on the blog. No slacking here!

Have you ever done a 365 days project? Were you successful with it? Did you enjoy it?


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