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Although I am working with a new-to-me yarn this week, I’m not quite ready to review it. In lieu of a yarn review, I thought I’d use the space on the blog this week to share some yarn stash eye candy.

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I get lots of different ideas from these images of ways to organize yarn. For now, I have chosen to organize my yarn by color in various vintage metal bins and glass containers, which I place around my house for constant yarn inspiration. Take a look:

How do you organize your yarn?


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  1. I dunno about some of these. I’m way too worried about moths to just leave all my yarn out like that.

  2. Sadly, in a drawer with non-scented cedar (for moths). After seeing these creative display/storage ideas, I am going to come up with something better than a drawer. Thanks for the great post. I love getting inspired by display and storage ideas.

    • @Marlene … very interesting to see these posts about moths … something to think about for sure … I hope you get some great inspiration!

  3. I am struggling to create an organized stash and craft room. This has given me some ideas and encouragement.

  4. That first photo, I swear, it made my heart skip a beat!!!!

  5. I love your netty bag Kathryn, was that a pattern or an as you go kind of thing.

  6. carolrmckay Just worked as I went. 🙂 Thanks!

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  10. These are some great ideas. I especially like yarn in glass, because you can see it clearly (get it! 😉 ). Also, it doesn’t get dusty. I have a new “fiber art studio”, a/k/a cleaned out spare bedroom, and I am looking for ways to organize my yarn that has been stashed in drawers, bags, and baskets all over the house!

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