Plarn is So Yesterday; Eco-Friendly Crochet with Bike Tire Tubes

rubber tire yarn Plarn is So Yesterday; Eco Friendly Crochet with Bike Tire Tubes

A year or two ago it was fresh and new and cool to crochet with plastic bags. It’s still cool but it’s no longer the hot new thing. Right now the hottest way to recycle and save the earth with crochet is to crochet using bicycle tire tubes.

Crochet Rugs from Bike Tire Tubes

The inner tubes from bicycles can be crocheted into thick items like rugs. I learned about this from a great post over on Care 2, which got the information from We Upcycle. You can get the details about how to do it there but basically here’s the process:

  • Cut the bike tire’s inner tube into strips.
  • Clean thoroughly.
  • Sew strips together to create “yarn”.
  • Crochet a rectangular rug or mat.

Benefits of Crocheting with Inner Tube Yarn

I would imagine that crocheting with inner tube “yarn” would be a little bit tough and it involves the process of cleaning the rubber and sewing the yarn together. So it’s a bit intensive but there’s a good reason to do it – saving the earth. Inner tubes from bicycle tires fill up landfills and wreak havoc on the earth so upcycling them into a usable item is a smart and earth-conscious thing to do. And I would imagine the rubber mat would be a really convenient item to have in mud rooms and near exterior doors since it can be hosed off.

Tarn, Plarn, Rarn?

If crocheting with bicycle inner tubes catches on, what are people going to call this type of “yarn”? T-shirts that are torn up to make rugs are usually called T-shirt yarn or just tarn. Plastic bags that are used to make mats and other crochet products are called plarn. So if it’s made from rubber … maybe rarn? What would you call it?
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