Crochet Quote: Infect everyone with crochet!

Today’s crochet quote comes from an awesome post over at Aberrant Crochet about the power of infecting people with your passion for things – like crochet. Love it!!

“I think it’s time to set my sights on new goals and higher aspirations in crochet as an art form. It is time to infect the internet and the world with global domination of the versatility, practicality and coolness of crochet. I seek a cro-pocalypse. A veritable domain of the hook, with zombie-like contagion and cult indoctrination – only without the blood, flesh craving and Kool-aid.”


San Francisco based and crochet-obsessed writer, dreamer and creative spirit!


  1. What a fabulous quote. As much as I love crochet, though, a cro-pocaylpse does inspire some fear…

  2. HA! love this one!

  3. Oh man that’s fantastic! Definitely my favorite so far!

  4. LOL! Thanks for sharing my quote on your blog Kathryn! Glad y’all liked the article. I should have made a crochet zombie wielding a hook. Still might. ;D

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