Cute Crochet Critters: Pigs are on Trend

For awhile everyone seemed to be crocheting owls. Then it was all about the fox. Now I seem to keep seeing crochet pigs popping up everywhere. Anyone else noticing this trend? Here’s a roundup of crochet pig patterns and inspiration in case you’re interested in hopping on the piggy bandwagon.

crochet pigs

Three little pigs crochet pattern from Cute Crochet Critters book by Maki Oomaci

crochet piggy slippersPiggy baby booties crochet pattern by Hopeful Honey (above) who also has a piggy headband crochet pattern (below)

pig headband crochet pattern

cuddlebugkids crochet pig cozies

I’m in love with these crochet piggy ice cream cozies from Cuddle Bug Kids

crochet pig pattern

Bluebell Pig crochet pattern for sale from Lucy Neal on Ravelry

crochet pig coin purse patter

Crochet pig coin purse crochet pattern for sale by Wistfully Woolen on Ravelry

pig free crochet pattern

Free pig crochet pattern from Melissa’s Crochet Patterns on Ravelry

crochet pig

Pig blanket crochet pattern for sale from Jenna Wingate on Ravelry

crochet pig blanket

Crochet pig blanket pattern for sale from Sol Maldonado on Ravelry

crochet pig patterns

Teacup pig crochet pattern free on Ravelry from Małgorzata Machowska

inatgi crochet pig

Crochet pig shared by inatgi on Instagram

bechancer crochet pig

Crochet pig shared by bechancer on Instagram

mariskaaceci crochet pig slippers

Crochet pig slippers shared by mariskaaceci on Instagram

thegirllovesyarn crochet pig

Another cute crochet pig share from Instagram, this one from thegirllovesyarn

crochet pigs

Adorable crochet pigs made by String Theory Crochet

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