4 Fascinating Examples of Crochet QR Codes to Inspire You

I still remember the days when you needed a special QR code reader on your phone to follow these matrix-style barcodes, but these days, any smartphone camera will follow the link easily. These codes are everywhere, standing in for menus at some restaurants, offering more information than can be packed into an event flyer, and even making it easy to quickly check in and out of medical appointments.

There are plenty of ways a crocheter like yourself can use a QR code, such as providing a link to your Etsy shop from your craft fair booth or advertising a blog, Instagram account, or website. A cool way to make that QR code stand out is to actually create it from crochet.

Since every QR code is different, I can’t link a pattern for you to follow, but you can find a tutorial here that explains how one blogger created her crochet QR code.

The basic idea is that you’ll need to turn your QR code into a grid or graph and use that as your crochet pattern. This blogger used a ruler to divide her QR code into equal cells and worked from there. If you’ve never used a graph as a crochet pattern before, I’ve linked a video below that explains how to do it and shows a nice simple example.

To help you get inspired, here are some examples of crochet QR codes from around the web.

Examples of Crochet QR Codes


The above example hangs on a yarn-bombed bike in Wachau, Austria. The whole thing is an amazing work of crochet art!

This Instagram user has a crochet-packed tiny home that features a barstool with a QR code crochet cover! And also, can we talk about that giant crochet pizza? The whole room has so much awesome crochet to look at.

This Instagram user shows her completed giant QR code blanket. Try not to be scared off by how many ends there are to weave in!

Qr Code Pixel Crochet Blanket

Instead of using one stitch per square on the grid, as many of these designs did, this blanket by crochet artist Babukatorium is made from 529 tiny granny squares! I also love how it uses rainbow and black squares instead of black and white.

What do you think? Would you ever try crocheting a QR code, and what would you link to if you did?

Kelsey Mlnarik

Kelsey has been a crafter since childhood and enjoys crochet, sewing, and any craft she can make with her children. She loves learning new techniques and sharing what she learns along the way. Kelsey someday hopes to be someone's crafty grandmother, crocheting afghans and drinking entire pots of coffee.

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  1. Thanks for linking to my coasters on your page! I embroidered qr-codes on aida, books and then realized it was also crochetable. =) I am also happy to have discovered your page. Thanks again.

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