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You may have seen yesterday that I launched a new feature on the blog – yarn reviews. And I’ve got more news, I’m also going to start doing periodic reviews of yarn stores (particularly online yarn stores since more readers will have access to those than to my LYS!) For my first yarn review yesterday I chose a yarn that I got online from the Candy Skein store and I wanted to use this first yarn store review to tell you more about the same store.

About Candy Skein

Candy Skein is a hand-dyed yarn company offering creative one of a kind colorways from a “smoke-free, pet-friendly environment”. I found out about it originally from the blog affiliated with the site, Tami’s Amis, but you can also find Candy Skein on Ravelry and on its own site.

About the Yarn

Candy Skein offers primarily kettle dyed yarn, many of which are dyed with Kool-Aid, although the store offers some hand-painted and self-striping yarns. All weights of yarn are offered from lace weight to chunky with the most variety currently offered in lace weight, fingering weight and worsted weight. Much of the yarn is 100% Merino but there are other choices as well including a 75% merino, 25% nylon superwash combo and a 100% wool option. (An announcement on the blog this week explains that the 100% merino is the Yummy yarn line and the higher-end blends are part of the Delicious line.)

What I really love most about this store is the colorways. As I mentioned yesterday about the raspberry sorbet yarn that I used, many of the yarns have these vibrant colors with subtle nuances of different hues in them. See:

Screen shot 2011 06 18 at 2.49.14 PM Yarn Sellers: Candy Skein


Screen shot 2011 06 18 at 2.52.58 PM 500x292 Yarn Sellers: Candy Skein

Party Punch Colorway

Screen shot 2011 06 18 at 2.53.14 PM 500x385 Yarn Sellers: Candy Skein

Mai Tai colorway

But then there are also these vibrant colorways that mingle colors from different parts of the color spectrum and the color combinations are always super intriguing to the eye (but pleasant), such as:


Screen shot 2011 06 18 at 2.51.08 PM 500x278 Yarn Sellers: Candy Skein

Gumdrop Self Striping Yarn

Screen shot 2011 06 18 at 2.51.22 PM 500x260 Yarn Sellers: Candy Skein

Toothache Colorway

Personally I really love the names of the colorways. The name of the store combines the dyer’s love of yarn and candy and the names reflect that sugary sweet love. Who doesn’t want some Mint Chocolate Chip yarn? It gives an added sense of fun to buying the yarn.

My Candy Skein Experience

I first ordered from Candy Skein about six weeks ago when I got the raspberry sorbet colorway that I wrote about yesterday. A couple of weeks later I decided to place a second order, this time of blueberry sorbet. Here were the things I enjoyed about this yarn store:

  • Easy purchasing. Candy Skein is on Artfire which offers easy online purchases with PayPal payment as an option. No problems or confusion with payment or processing and Artfire sends an email confirmation which is always nice to have on record although I didn’t need it for anything since I didn’t have any problems with the orders.
  • Quick shipping. It helps that I live in San Francisco and Candy Skein is based in San Diego, of course, but it was clear that the seller got this item in the mail right quick and that’s always appreciated.
  • Appropriate but not excessive packaging. The yarn came wrapped in its own plastic bag to protect it during shipping. The bag was placed inside of a padded shipping envelope. This was all enough to protect the yarn but nothing excessive which is important since wasteful packaging is bad for the earth. Kudos Candy Skein on green efforts.
  • The yarn came with a business card, which I like because I can add my own notes about the yarn for my crochet scrapbook (to keep track of what I use and whether or not I like it). There was also a clear handwritten tag on the yarn with the colorway, weight, yarn type, amount in yards as well as grams and wash/care information. Awesome.

Other Notes

I think it’s important to reiterate the fact that this is a hand-dyed yarn company so the colorways are never exactly the same as the ones that came before and may vary between skeins in the same colorway. This doesn’t bother me but it’s something to realize when you’re ordering for a project.

The seller does some custom dyeing so you can ask for a colorway that you want even if it’s not showing as available in the Candy Skein store. I haven’t tried this out so I’m not sure quite how it works but I’m sure the seller would be happy to answer any questions about that if it’s something you want to try.

Conclusion: I recommend Candy Skein!

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