Are DIY Crochet Umbilical Cord Ties Safe For Babies?


News reports have been warning against the use of DIY umbilical cord ties, including crochet cord ties, because of the possible risk of infection to the baby. However, midwives and others say that crochet and knit umbilical ties can be safe and provide an eco-friendly, baby-skin-friendly alternative to the plastic clamps typically used in hospitals.

Crochet Coat Hanger Covers: Patterns and Inspiration

stelcrochet crochet hangers

I realized that all of my clothes hangers are different from one another and look messy as a result. One idea is to crochet vintage-inspired coat hanger covers for all of them; they would be unique from each other but still cohesive. So I’ve been looking at different coat hanger crochet patterns and photos for inspiration. Here are a few: