Fujita Miho: An Amazing Organic Micro Crochet Artist

I always love everything that Maya makes over at Little Treasures, so it’s no surprise that I love the things that inspire her as well.

I was immediately captured by her post about the amazing minute crochet artist Miho Fujita and was compelled to find out more information about the artist if I could.

I found her website, where I was able to dig up a little further information about the artist. She also sells her jewelry through this website. Her Instagram offers even more photos of her beautiful, intricate work.

Organic Crochet Art

One thing that immediately stands out about this artist’s work is that it looks organic. It looks like it has been inspired by nature, almost as if it could have grown from the ground itself.

You can see when you check out the artist’s Instagram that indeed there are many photos of flowers and leaves that obviously inspire the work.

But you don’t need to see that inspiration to see it in the work; it’s there in the curves, the mushroom caps, and the layering of leaf work. It’s there in the colors that have been dyed from natural materials.

On her website, the artist explains that this earring represents the opened leaf of a Warabi fern, a very common plant where she lives and works.

Crochet Artist Fujita Miho

The artist’s website offers us some background information about her, but I would love to know more. Her website explains that she is from Katagami, a city in the Akita prefecture of Japan.

I learned that this area has a humid continental climate, with distinct seasons and deciduous trees that change color and lose their leaves. I saw some beautiful images of trees from the area by doing an online search- perhaps this inspires the artist’s work.

Fujita Miho graduated from Akita Public Junior College of Arts and Crafts (now called Akita University of Art) in 2007 and began showing her work in various exhibitions in 2009.

She has participated consistently in art exhibits and events ever since. Her work is for sale on her website and in small shops throughout Japan.

Micro Crochet Art

I also love that this is micro crochet. I’m fascinated with tiny crochet recently, and I’m loving artists that incorporate the use of small crochet into their work.

A small hook and a lot of patience have gone into each of these pieces, and this loving hand creates art that is different from any other. We see that hand in Fujitamiho’s work.

Micro crochet is done with a hook smaller than 1 mm, often as small as 0.4 mm. Sewing or embroidery thread is used to create minute items such as delicate flowers, miniature amigurumi animals, or tiny textiles for the dollhouse.

Crochet Art Jewelry

Most of Fujita Miho’s crochet art serves a function – it’s designed to be worn. Little balls become earrings and brooches, sometimes with pearls in the center.

When it’s not being worn, the pieces are clearly art pieces. They could hang in a gallery. These detailed and delicate pieces deserve to be framed. It’s inspiring work.

Trying Micro Crochet

If you’re inspired to try some micro crochet yourself, here are some adorable patterns to get you started.



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