My Crochet: Treble Crochet Scarf

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On Wednesdays I show of some of the crochet work that I’ve done in the past. This is a super simple scarf that I made awhile back. It’s just a rectangle of repeating triple crochet with nothing fancy added anywhere. Ah, but there’s a story behind this scarf.

This scarf was the first scarf that I made with a really nice yarn. This was back when I first started crocheting and didn’t realize the importance of noting exactly what yarn I was using so I don’t know exactly but it’s a super soft angora that I really liked.

The thing is, I also didn’t know at this time that if a skein or hank isn’t wrapped into a ball, it’s going to tangle. I learned from trial and error. I started crocheting the scarf without winding it into a ball. I ended up with a HUGE mess of tangles. I loved this yarn way too much to just let it remain a mass of knots. So I spent days (literally, hours on end, returning day after day) to fully untangle the yarn and turn it into a ball. It took far longer to work out the knots than to actually crochet the scarf. Oh but it is such a lovely scarf!

11 thoughts on “My Crochet: Treble Crochet Scarf”

  1. When I first saw the title on your post, I thought it said “Terrible Crochet Scarf” and I was ready to say that it wasn’t terrible at all and looked lovely. :) Well, even without my silly misreading, it’s still true – nice job!

  2. Oh, the dreaded Untangling. I have some yarn that’s waiting for me to have the patience to untangle it…

    But this scarf was definitely worth the untangling effort, I love the way the variegated-ness of the yarn shows up, and the treble crochets have such a pretty, open look.

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