crochet lion art by Wilma Poot

Interview with Crochet Portraiture Artist Wilma Poot

Wilma Poot is a self-taught crochet artist in The Netherlands who makes figurative portraits of both people and animals using crochet. In this interview we learn more about who she is, what she makes and her process of crochet.

crochet dolls by acts of kindness

Crochet Heals Interview Excerpt: Tumaini and Chason from Acts of Kindness

I was so inspired by my interview with Tumaini and Chason, which appears in my monthly “Crochet Heals” column in the current issue of Happily Hooked digital magazine. These creative artists are so incredibly inspiring. Here are some photos and questions that didn’t make it into the original article …

crochet necklaces by Kawool

Interview with Crochet Jewelry Artist Catarina Pereira

Catarina Pereira is a crochet fiber artist who makes exquisite colorful jewelry along with other whimsical items. I first found the Portugal-based artist on Instagram and later had fun exploring her blog, Facebook and Pinterest accounts. Learn more about her beautiful work from this artist interview.

colorful crochet book

Interview with Marianne Dekkers-Roos, author of Colorful Crochet

I first fell in love with the beautiful colorful crochet work of Marianne Dekkers-Roos on Instagram and was then thrilled when the Netherlands-based crafter contributed to the Mandalas for Marinke project. I was so happy for her (and the world of crochet) when I learned that she was releasing her first book, Colorful Crochet, this year. I’m excited to bring this book to you today along with an interview where Marianne shares more.

crochet doll in dress by maria cabriza

Interview with Crocheter and Artist Maria Cabriza

Maria Cabriza is originally from Paraguay, where she got a college degree and business and worked as a manager. Since moving to the United States she has been able to devote herself full-time to her art, which includes crochet.

aerial crochet art piece

Interview with Jewelry Artist Lisa Anderson Shaffer of Zelma Rose

Lisa Anderson Shaffer is a textile artist who creates crochet art pieces and also has a line of fiber art jewelry called Zelma Rose. I was thrilled to get the opportunity to interview her about her work, her history with crochet and how crafting has offered benefits in her life as well as the life of her grandmother.

10 Famous Works of Art Recreated in Crochet

10 Famous Works of Art Recreated in Crochet

Although some people still like to argue whether “craft” is “art” (and if not then what the difference is), you simply can’t deny that these creations are art. Yarnbombers and crochet artists have been inspired by famous works of art, recreating them using sculpture, tapestry and freeform crochet.