what is amigurumi

What Is Amigurumi? Our Full Guide to This Japanese Craft

If you have spent any time in the world of crocheting, then there’s a good chance that you have heard the Japanese term amigurumi (ami‧gu‧ru‧mi). Directly translated, it stems from the words ami, which means crocheted or knitted, and kurumi, which means wrapped. Browsing through amigurumi crochet patterns, you might get a sense of what …

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Guide to Yarn Blends

Our Guide to Yarn Blends: Purchasing Cotton, Wool, and More!

Even if you’ve just learned how to crochet, you probably know the basic choices when it comes to yarn fiber. Wool, cotton, and acrylic are the most well-understood yarns. However, when you go shopping for yarn, you’ll see that although you can find 100% wool, cotton, or acrylic yarn, there are also many yarn skeins …

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wearable crochet jewelry art

Crochet Interview with Jewelry and Decor Artist Penny From Wearit Crochet

Penny Chorafa of Wearit Crochet is a Greek crochet artist who loves to experiment with both form and material when constructing her crochet jewelry. With a background in architecture and an interest in unique fibers like paper yarn, she is able to make original, sculptural wearable art pieces, and is constantly pushing herself to create …

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material and process art by Jessica Merle

Interview with Embroidery Artist Jessica Merle

Typically this blog focuses only on crochet but occasionally there is an artist working in another area of fiber arts that has so much talent that I just have to share. That’s the case with South African artist Jessica Merle, a multidisciplinary artist working in embroidery, ceramics and other media. Much of what she shares in …

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crochet lion art by Wilma Poot

Interview with Crochet Portraiture Artist Wilma Poot

Wilma Poot is a self-taught crochet artist in The Netherlands who makes figurative portraits of both people and animals using crochet. In this interview we learn more about who she is, what she makes and her process of crochet.

crochet dolls by acts of kindness

Crochet Heals Interview Excerpt: Tumaini and Chason from Acts of Kindness

I was so inspired by my interview with Tumaini and Chason, which appears in my monthly “Crochet Heals” column in the current issue of Happily Hooked digital magazine. These creative artists are so incredibly inspiring. Here are some photos and questions that didn’t make it into the original article …

crochet necklaces by Kawool

Interview with Crochet Jewelry Artist Catarina Pereira

Catarina Pereira is a crochet fiber artist who makes exquisite colorful jewelry along with other whimsical items. I first found the Portugal-based artist on Instagram and later had fun exploring her blog, Facebook and Pinterest accounts. Learn more about her beautiful work from this artist interview.