Granny Chic: 7 Tissue Box Crochet Cozies

There was a point in the history of crafts home decorating when just about every home had  cozies to cover up unmentionables including toilet paper rolls and tissue boxes. Feeling inspired by this retro home decor – take a look at these seven crochet tissue box cozies, three of which are available as free crochet patterns.

catherine wheel crochet tissue box cozy

Catherine Wheel crochet stitch tissue box cozy free pattern from Stitch of Love

bechancer crochet granny square tissue cozy

This cute granny square crochet tissue cozy was made by Instagram’s @bechancer

bechancer crochet tissue box

@bechancer also made a similar pattern that’s for a rectangular crochet tissue box instead of a square one

crochet snail tissue cozy

Crochet snail that holds a tissue box inside. Love this one! It’s sold as a finished item on Etsy from Millionbells

twinkie chan crochet art

Twinkie Chan crochet tissue box cozy art inspired by animal crackers

crochet cake tissue cozy box

Crochet tissue box cake cozy free pattern also from Twinkie Chan

crochet tissue holder

Things Bright shared a free crochet pattern for a vintage inspired tissue holder; previously published in my roundup of 21 top crochet patterns


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