Have you been out in the garden much? Have you spotted any snails or caterpillars or other critters? Maybe, maybe not, but you can see a bunch of them here today in crochet.

crochet snail

Amiguruma shared this crochet snail tucked into a real snail shell. Smart! Via @knithacker.

crochet snail

This crochet snail cozy was shared awhile back on my Facebook timeline from the @jamiegardenshop timeline

atnanasknee crochet snails

Colorful crochet snails from atnanasknee

crochet snail

Loopy the Snail from Loopy Lost His Lettuce iPhone game, which features crochet characters

tiny snails crochet pattern

Nata’s Nest offers a micro crochet snail pattern

crochet snail

Even tinier crochet snail art from Su Ami

crochet snail pattern

Crochet snail free pattern from smeddley

crochet snail tissue cozy

Crochet snail tissue cozy on Etsy from Millionbells

thegirllovesyarn crochet caterpillar

Crochet snail via thegirllovesyarn on Instagram who also brings us the crochet slug below

thegirllovesyarn crochet slug

crochet slug

Crochet slug by Cheezombie

crochet sea slug

Crochet sea slug pattern by ChromoCrochet

crochet banana slug

Crochet banana slug free Ravelry download pattern by Deanna Williston

amigurumi_pieceofcake crochet caterpillar

Crochet caterpillar via Instagram. The original account it was on was amigurumi_pieceofcake. I believe that’s now been changed to mimamami_.

crochet driftwood caterpillar

Crochet caterpillar wall art on driftwood from Etsy’s Cottontailandwhisker

crochet caterpillar

Crochet caterpillar baby teething ring sold on Etsy by ZanesCrochetTreasure

stinaross87 crochet caterpillar

Crochet caterpillar from stinaross87 on Instagram


This scared red apple with large worm is an amgiurumi piece by Vanessa Chan of Etsy store The Pudgy Rabbi

crochet worm

Crochet worm and apple pattern sold on Etsy by CAROcreated

crochet worm pattern

Amigurumi crochet worm pattern on Folksy by Liz Ward


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  1. I crocheted the eyestalks for my daughter’s snail costume in 2009…

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