Crochet Artist Babukatorium: Beautiful, Colorful Creations

We’d love to get into some background on this artist, but the truth is that there isn’t a lot of information about Babukatorium on the web. She mentions on her Flickr that she doesn’t like to talk a lot about her art and instead likes to let the art speak for itself, and we can respect that!

From examples of her work, we know that she loves color and has tons of skill and patience!

Examples of Babukatorium’s Crochet Art

Crochet Coat - Aztec Sun Mandala And Granny Squares

Here’s an incredible example of how this artist incorporates colors and intricate designs into her unique pieces! It’s made of vintage and upcycled materials, with a huge, colorful mandala on the back of the jacket and granny square sleeves.

Kaleidocoat -  Multicolor Multimotif Striped And Hooded Hippie Crochet Coat

This is another example of Babukatorium’s gorgeous wearable art. Aptly named the Kaleidocoat, this long jacket is made of a variety of doily stitches in every color of the rainbow. Once again, it’s made from recycled yarns, which is such an amazing sustainability measure.

Crochet Umbrella - Granny Mosaic SUNbrella

You’ll find many crochet parasols among Babukatorium’s creations. This one is, unsurprisingly, vibrantly colored, with a black border around the colorful panels that give the whole piece a stained-glass appearance.

Crochet Tree

I could fill pages with examples of this artist’s clothing and wearable projects, but that’s not all she creates! This fairytale-inspired rainbow tree is so magical, and it fits right in with the yarnbombing movement.

Pastel Multicolor Crochet Dreads With Blonde Wool Dreadlocks

Here’s one more example of just how broad this artist’s talents are. Here, she has used crochet to style her sister’s hair with some incredible pastel wool dreadlocks.

Why I Love This Crochet Art

I love the fact that so much of her work is inspired by the colors of the rainbow. It’s happy and fun and light and I think that’s a great contrast to the more serious art that’s often featured out there in the world. Additionally, I don’t always find it easy to work with a lot of bright colors in my own crochet so I really value it when people do it and do it well!

I’m also incredibly inspired by the colorful and vibrant styles of Babukatorium’s clothing items. I tend toward more conservative clothing for myself, but I love to see others wearing splashy, statement-making outfits. If you love this type of crochet clothing, you might also like the work of Katie Jones.

This artist prefers not to share patterns for her work, and her Etsy shop and Ravelry shop are currently closed. However, if you love admiring her work and taking inspiration from it as much as I did, you can check out photos of many of her projects on Flickr.

Kelsey Mlnarik

Kelsey has been a crafter since childhood and enjoys crochet, sewing, and any craft she can make with her children. She loves learning new techniques and sharing what she learns along the way. Kelsey someday hopes to be someone's crafty grandmother, crocheting afghans and drinking entire pots of coffee.

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