Crochet Contests: Competitions With Delightful Outcomes!

From small regional craft fairs to national organizations like the Crocheters Guild of America, crochet communities love to have a little friendly competition every now and again.

In 2011 there was even an Extreme Crochet Championship hosted by an Australian brewing company as a publicity stunt for their new Dirty Granny Cider, which appealed to the crocheting community.

They had three “Crocheting Champions” crochet a beanie in “extreme conditions” (small boxes decked out in crochet art to feature settings such as crocheting in the ocean) as a way to attract a crowd – and it certainly did! 

Although we have yet to hear of another Extreme Crochet Championship of any kind, we certainly can give you the resources to find a national or local crochet contest near you! 

Crochet Contests You Can Enter to Win!

Although extreme sports and crocheting don't usually go hand in hand, there is no lack of crochet contests and challenges that happen around the world and throughout the year.

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