8 Beautiful Free White Crochet Dress Patterns

Last week I shared photographer Garry Winogrand’s image of a woman in a white crochet dress. There are so many versions of white crochet dresses and I got to thinking how great they are for the summer months. I figured it was a good time to roundup some patterns for you around that theme. Here they are …

1. Vintage 1950’s Crochet Dress Pattern

vintage inspired crochet dress pattern

This is a McCall’s 1955 crochet dress offered as a free pattern online through Hook, Yarn and Needles the Old Stuff. The photo is from Ravelry’s Toyapack

2. Vintage 1970’s Crochet Dress Pattern

1970s crochet dress

Here’s another free vintage crochet dress pattern but this one is from the 1970’s.

3. Classic White Crochet Dress

classic white crochet dress pattern

This DROPS dress is lovely with a classic, sophisticated sense of style. Note: the pattern is in British English. You’ve seen this one before in my previous roundup of 15 Beautiful Free Crochet Dress Patterns.

4. Ice Crochet Dress

white crochet bow dress

This is another free DROPS crochet dress pattern. I love how the tiny bit of dark yarn really sets off the white of the dress.

5. Italian Crochet Dress Pattern

italian crochet dress

The pattern for this super cute crochet dress is written in Italian but also has an English translation. This crochet dress is worked in pieces and stitched together at the end.

6. Portuguese Crochet Dress Pattern

portuguese crochet pattern

This free white crochet dress pattern is in Portuguese but it has a stitch diagram to work off of.

7. Russian Crochet Dress Pattern

russian crochet dress pattern

Here’s one more foreign language crochet dress pattern, which also has a stitch diagram to work from.

8. Chanel Style Crochet Dress Pattern

designer inspired crochet dress pattern

I adore this Chanel-inspired crochet dress. The crochet pattern is available in several languages and is free through Ravelry.

Which of these white crochet dresses do you think you would wear?


9 thoughts on “8 Beautiful Free White Crochet Dress Patterns”

  1. I also Love the Chanel Inspired dress. I love the pattern and the way it clings to her but also is very loose. As soon as my exams are over and I have a little more space Im going to attempt my first dress. Those above are gorgeous.

    Thank you for sharing these links!


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